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  • What Kind of Immigration Processing Does VFS Global Do?

    If you’ve done your research about Canadian immigration or looked into a certain immigration application process, you might’ve come across a company called VFS Global. VFS Global is an immigration processing firm that’s partnered with the Canadian government to help ease the processing load. From 20 … Read more »

  • Alien Registration Number or “A-Number” for Green Card

    When you apply for Permanent Residency (Green Card) in the United States, you will be asked to provide your Alien Registration Number, also known as an “A-number”. Many people wonder what an A-number is and where can you find your own A-number. An Alien Registration Number is designated for any non- … Read more »

  • Snowbird, Canadian Citizens, May Get US COVID-19 Vaccine

    Since the US borders are open to Canadians many are still flying south during this wintertime. Some of these ‘snowbirds‘ are hoping to get the COVID-19 vaccine while they’re living in the US for the winter. Florida holds the record for most snowbirds in the US. This southern state continues to have … Read more »

  • New 2021 Work Options for International Students in Canada

    On January 8th, 2021, a new policy took effect in Canada that will allow prior international students who have an expired or expiring Post-Graduate Work Permit to apply for a new open work permit which will be valid for 18 months. International students partake in such a vital part of Canada’s econo … Read more »

  • Immigration to the US as a Nurse

    Are you currently working and have experience as a nurse but also interested in immigrating to the United States? Well, we have great news for you! The United States is always looking for experienced healthcare workers, especially nurses in 2021. Job Description (SOC Code 29-0000) The job a nurse ha … Read more »