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  • The Legal Process for Business Start-ups

    Every day in Ontario, people are striking out on their own and starting new businesses. During the pandemic especially, many Ontarians have been seeing the value of working from home and/or having some added financial security. But to start any business, there is a legal process that must be followe … Read more »

  • Challenging a Will in Ontario

    A will is a legal document that is meant to spell out the last wishes of the deceased concerning how they would like their estate to be distributed. But for a variety of reasons, a family member may wish to contest this document. Each province has its own laws when it comes to challenging wills. If … Read more »

  • Business Succession Planning Checklist

    As an entrepreneur, you are immensely proud of your business. In fact, you probably spend a lot of time planning how you will help your business continue to grow and thrive under your leadership. What many entrepreneurs are less good at however is planning how that business will grow and thrive shou … Read more »

  • What Are the Rights of a Landlord?

    With the prices of real estate in Ontario soaring, many people are renting longer. So if you have been able to invest in rental properties, it can be an excellent source of income and wealth building. That is provided that you find responsible tenants who pay their rent and don’t cause damage to you … Read more »

  • Common Problems Buyers Can Avoid at Closing

    Purchasing a new home can be very exciting. You find the home of your dreams and the seller accepts your offer. You imagine the life that you and your family are going to have in your beautiful new home. Sometimes, however, instead of the closing day being a joyful one, it can turn to disappointment … Read more »