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  • Can Sharing Emotional Labour Save my Relationship?September 12, 2018

    I see many people in my office whose relationships have broken down. Although every couple and every situation are unique, there are some common themes that emerge. Whether clients label it or not, “emotional labour” is at the heart of many disputes and a significant cause in relationship breakdown. … Read more »

  • Who Keeps Our Home After Separation?September 7, 2018

    Separation and divorce create uncertainty, especially in the early stages. The question of where you, and any children involved, are going to live is one of the biggest long term and short term decisions that you will make. In most cases, a married couple choose either to sell the house and split th … Read more »

  • What Should I do With my Life Insurance After a Divorce?September 5, 2018

    When a couple separates, they know they will have to consider custody and parenting arrangements, support payments, and property division. One area that can be overlooked is life insurance.During a relationship, most people name their spouse as the primary beneficiary of their life insurance policy. … Read more »

  • Wondering about the new rules for drones?September 3, 2018

    Marc Garneau, announced new rules for flying recreational drones, effective immediately Update: As of July 23, 2018 Transport Canada amended the rules for drone useThere is some irony that it was an astronaut who announced a new set of rules limiting where and how people can fly drones in Canada. Fe … Read more »

  • Use a legal Separation Agreement to Re-finance Your Matrimonial Home for MoreAugust 31, 2018

    For most families, the matrimonial home is the most significant asset they own. Deciding how to deal with it after the breakdown of the relationship is an important decision with long term consequences.Often parties are able to agree that one person will buy out the interest of the other person so t … Read more »