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  • What do I have to do to before I draft my Will and Estate Planning Documents?

    A common question we get when people contact us about starting the process of drafting their Will or estate planning is “What do I have to do before I come in?”  The short answer is nothing.  At our firm, when we help people with their estate planning we don’t require any sort of forms to be filled … Read more »

  • The 411 on legal Cannabis use in Halifax, NS

    As of October 17, 2018, the use of cannabis will be legal all across Canada. The rules for having and using cannabis are different in each province. Here are a few notable points for Nova Scotia, particularly when it comes to using it where you live:You must be over the age of 19. Period.If you own … Read more »

  • Video Game Addictions lead to Separation & Divorce

    A recent article highlighted the fact that in the UK, over 200 divorce petitions have referenced the popular video game Fortnite as one of the reasons for divorce. As silly as it sounds that people would get divorced over a video game, digital addictions are causing more and more problems. As video … Read more »

  • Halifax Public Property is now officially a No Smoking zone.

    Halifax has rolled out some major changes to By-Law N-300, also known as the Nuissance By-Law. These changes are in the form of a city-wide smoking ban. The By-Law amendments, also known as the “Respecting Smoking” amendments are in effect as October 15, 2018.  They cover all smoking and vaping, inc … Read more »

  • Can Sharing Emotional Labour Save my Relationship?

    I see many people in my office whose relationships have broken down. Although every couple and every situation are unique, there are some common themes that emerge. Whether clients label it or not, “emotional labour” is at the heart of many disputes and a significant cause in relationship breakdown. … Read more »

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