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  • Buying or Selling? Why you really DO need an agent.November 20, 2017

    Thinking of buying or selling your home? This is one of the largest transactions you will complete in your lifetime, it’s important to get it “right”.  A real estate agent can help you do this. These are some of the reasons why:Expertise: Dealing with a real estate transaction can be overwhelming an … Read more »

  • Should I Adopt my Step Child?November 13, 2017

    Non-traditional or “blended” families are becoming more and more common in Canadian society. One aspect of this movement is step-child adoption.Before deciding to adopt, it is a good idea to consider meeting with a therapist or a counsellor. In the rush of happiness about your new family it may appe … Read more »

  • Need a new mortgage?: The new qualifying rules coming in JanuaryNovember 10, 2017

    photo credit:  There are new rules coming into effect on January 1st 2018 that will affect Canadians’ ability to get a mortgage, and for what amount. These rules are not limited to people looking to purchase a home with a mortgage, but al … Read more »

  • Severance Pay: What am I entitled to after being let go from my job?November 6, 2017

    An unfortunate reality of today’s corporate world is restructuring, outsourcing and downsizing.  For many hard-working employees, the result is lay-offs.  One day you go to the job you’ve devoted yourself to for years and the next you find yourself unemployed with a standardized letter letting you g … Read more »

  • Yup, you can get jail time for texting and driving.October 30, 2017

    Photo Credit: A simple ‘texting and driving’ google search generates statistics that goes on for pages. It’s simple logic – if you’re looking at something other than the road when you’re driving, … Read more »