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  • Is a Cambridge Consumer Proposal Right For Me?

    Are you aware that a Cambridge Consumer Proposal just might be the best option to get relief from overwhelming credit card or other unsecured debt? If you’re having trouble making ends meet every month, you’re not alone. Many Canadian debtors find themselves in financial distress. What is a Cambridg … Read more »

  • How does a payday loan work?

     If you have an emergency and can’t pay your bills, you may wonder how instant payday loans work in Ontario? They seem easy: just fill out an application and get instant cash. But before you consider this risky option, be aware of the expensive consequences. Payday loans come with an inflated price … Read more »

  • 3 Tips to Avoid Living Beyond Your Means, How to Manage and Save Your Money

    It’s easy to find yourself living beyond your means. All you need is a credit card, a personal loan, or overdraft protection. Little by little, you’re in over your head. Would you like to learn how to manage and save your money… and stop living on credit? Before you hammer out that budget yet again, … Read more »

  • Valuable Home Ownership and Money Trouble Tips

    How to Reconcile Home Ownership and Money Troubles (and save your house) You thought about it for years. There were so many good reasons to buy a house. And when it finally happened, it was like a dream come true. Your bank made sure you could cover the payment. But then life happened…your debt grew … Read more »

  • Personal Bankruptcy Facts You Need to Know

     Personal bankruptcy is a legal process that will get rid of your debts. However, there are a handful of things, like child support and recent student loans, that do not go away. When you file personal bankruptcy in Ontario, you go through a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. The Trustee’s job is to make … Read more »