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  • Unemployed and Drowning in Bills? Don’t Panic

    Unemployed and think you can’t pay your credit cards? Don’t push the panic button yet. You’ll need your energy to figure out a plan. There are definitely steps you can take to gain more control over the situation. Because the last thing you need is for bills to go unpaid. Your potential employer cou … Read more »

  • How Much Are Your Habits Really Adding Up To?

    Ever wonder why you don’t have two nickels to rub together? It’s true that those bad habits can really add up. But, do you know how much? Let’s take a look… one bad habit at a time. Smoking Are you a smoker? Say you have a modest habit…a pack a day. At $14 a pack, you’re spending $420 a month. You a … Read more »

  • How To Avoid Becoming One Of The Growing Number Of Millennials Filing For Bankruptcy

    Many millennials find themselves financially struggling, unable to stop the snowballing of their debts until they plummet into bankruptcy. In fact, millennials are filing for bankruptcy at a faster rate than any other generation. Are you at risk? Do you have student debt running into the tens of tho … Read more »

  • Can You Go to Jail for Your Debt?

    In India, you can go to jail for your debts. How about Canada? Not a chance. Unless of course, you’ve committed fraud. But then fraud is a whole ‘nother thing. So, exactly what does happen if you are not able to pay your bills? If you’re like many Canadians, you are doing your fair share to contribu … Read more »

  • How To Know If You Are Insolvent

    Wondering how to know if you are insolvent? Here are a few clues: You’ve used cash advances to pay bills. You’ve visited the payday loan store. You’ve been hit with over limit charges on your card. You’ve had your credit card declined or, even worse, cancelled. You have no idea how much you owe. You … Read more »