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  • After the Pandemic: Redesigning how we work

    After the pandemic: The future of justice, Ep 2:Yves Faguy speaks with Laura van Wyngaarden of Diligen and Peter Aprile of Counter Tax Lawyers to discuss how COVID-19 could change the way we work in the legal sector.In this second episode, the guests talk about how the legal market may or may not ch … Read more »

  • Conversation with the President: Pivoting in crisis

    Conversations with the President: The state of the profession, Ep 6:In this episode, Martine Boucher and Vivene discuss the impact today’s reality can have on small and solo legal practices, many of which lack the resources of larger firms, and are not always as adept and knowing how technology can … Read more »

  • After the pandemic: Fighting inertia

    Bonus Episode presented by CBA National and CBA Futures: After The Pandemic, The Future of Justice, Ep 1In this first episode, the guests share their experience in trying to launch projects that were aimed at making justice more accessible for regular Canadians, but then ran into roadblocks. They of … Read more »

  • Keeping small and solo firms going in uncertain times

    Robert Harvie and Donna Purcell, two experienced lawyers share their expertise in remote work. Get some tips on virtual firms and managing change.Robert Harvie has been a Divorce and Family Lawyer in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta for over 30 years. His practice has a special emphasis on complex ma … Read more »

  • Conversations with the President: Young Lawyers going Solo

    Conversations with the President: The state of the profession, Ep 5:Vivene meets with Erin Cowling and Kim Gale to discuss the rejection of the traditional law firm model, billable hours and entrepreneurship. How are they dealing with the expectations placed on young lawyers?Erin Cowling founded Fle … Read more »