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  • Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions

    Criminal defense attorneys Tony Paisana and Tyler Schnare from the CBA Criminal Justice Section geek out with Julia about the recently updated CBA Collateral Consequences Toolkit. For clients, it presents a comprehensive overview in fairly plain language about the fall-out of a criminal conviction. … Read more »

  • Touchstones 30th Anniversary – Ep.4: The Next 30 Years

    A discussion about what is actually behind the words, equity, diversity and inclusion. Our final episode with original CBA Task Force on Gender Equality members, Justice Sophie Bourque, Patricia Blocksom, Daphne Dumont and principal author Melina Buckley and a diverse cross-section of women lawyers … Read more »

  • Touchstones 30th Anniversary – Ep.3: Intersectionality

    How the Bertha Wilson Task Force took an intersectional approach to their work on gender equality at a time when the phrase intersectionality was still an obscure legal term that had only recently been coined. This Episode begins with a compilation of lived experiences of junior, senior, and anywher … Read more »

  • Touchstones 30th Anniversary – Ep.2: Speaking Truth to Power

    To quote Patricia Blocksom: “Equality is a robust concept but a fragile reality.” Fortunately lawyers are good at remaining constantly vigilant and feminism is nothing to be afraid of, quite the opposite: by the end of this our second episode on the Touchstones Report, you will be very grateful you … Read more »

  • Touchstones 30th Anniversary – Ep.1: The Bertha Wilson Task Force

    On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the release of the CBA report, Touchstones for Change, Equality, Diversity and Accountability, we listen in on a kitchen table discussion between 3 of the original task force members, Daphne Dumont, Patricia Blocksom, and Sophie Bourque, and the lead author … Read more »