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  • Resignation & Restarting the Clock on Terms of Service

    It may be expected that any employee who resigns from their job and then later returns to the same employer will find that their ‘term of service’ is affected. It is unlikely that someone who had worked with a company for 5 years, left for two and then came back, would be entitled to pick up where t … Read more »

  • Does a Wife’s Failure to Secure Work After Divorce Constitute a Material Change?

    In a recent decision, the Ontario Court of Appeal (ONCA) was asked to consider whether a wife’s failure to seek employment for over 20 years post-divorce constituted a material change sufficient to vary her former husband’s spousal support obligations from $4,000 per month to $1 per month. Backgroun … Read more »

  • Condominium Corporation Not Permitted to Reopen Approval Process for Structural Changes

    A home renovation can be a long and drawn-out process; one that causes great inconvenience to a homeowner and may require extensive permissions before it can even begin. Anyone who undertakes a major renovation after completing the due diligence to obtain the necessary permits would be justifiably s … Read more »

  • Anti-SLAPP Motions and Defamation Litigation

    In 2017, the CBC aired the results of an investigation conducted by journalists that examined whether some chicken products marketed and sold by Subway, an international fast food franchise, may not have been comprised of 100% chicken meat. The CBC’s conclusion, following an 8-month investigation, w … Read more »

  • Estate Planning Concerns for Later in Life Relationships

    Most people understand the importance of putting a carefully considered estate plan into place in order to ensure that one’s wishes are carried out with respect to the distribution of their assets after death. Married and common law couples generally plan their estates so that their assets pass to t … Read more »