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  • Non-Compete Clauses: How Far Can They Go?

    A non-compete clause in an employment contract can drastically impact a person’s job and career prospects after being terminated from or voluntarily leaving a job. Many employees find themselves wondering if the clause is fair, and in fact, many clauses have been successfully challenged in court. Wh … Read more »

  • Failure to Close May be a Costly Risk

    In today’s competitive housing market, it is becoming more and more common for purchasers to enter into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with no conditions. Where it was once standard for a purchaser to insist on a home inspection and financial approval before finalizing a deal, the fierce competit … Read more »

  • Vacation Time: Employee Rights and Obligations

    Now that the end of the year is within sight, many employees across the province are examining the vacation time they have remaining in 2019 and making plans to use it before the end of the year. Given that many people have getaways on the mind leading up to and during the holiday season, it’s an op … Read more »

  • Daily Sanction Imposed on Husband for Failure to Disclose

    In divorce matters, particularly in highly contentious situations, spouses may attempt to hide some of their assets in order to impact any support awards ordered by the court. While full financial disclosure is a cornerstone of determining a fair award, hidden assets are not uncommon. In one recent … Read more »

  • Prospective Employee Awarded $120,000

    In a previous post, we discussed various employer obligations to prospective employees with respect to human rights considerations. Not long after, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario issued a precedent-setting decision that found an employer in violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code (the “Code … Read more »