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OMB awards costs to Municipality where landowner's claim for expropriation compensation denied
February 8th, 2016

The Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") has awarded costs to the County of Simcoe in a case where a landowner unsuccessfully claimed compensation for injurious affection.  The OMB's decision is recounted in my blog post from June, 2015 - OMB dismisses claim for injurious affection where no taking -... Read more »

Landowners found guilty of violating excessive fortification of land by-law through excessive surveillance equipment
January 30th, 2016

In October, 2015, the Ontario Court of Justice released its decision in a case involving the fortification of property.  Many municipalities outlaw the excessive fortifying of property as it is often associated with gang or organized crime activity and may unduly intrude on the privacy of neigh... Read more »

Natural Severance Case Being Appealed
January 20th, 2016

In May, 2015, I wrote about a decision from the Superior Court of Justice in which a property was found to be severed naturally by a navigable watercourse - the Bear Creek (see Court Rules that Bear Creek was navigable in 1831).  The case is now under appeal by the Municipality and a heari... Read more »

GFO Appeal on Neonicotinoid Decision to be heard in March
January 16th, 2016

According to the Grain Farmers of Ontario ("GFO"), its appeal of the decision rejecting its challenge of Ontario's new neonicotinoid regulations will be heard by the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto on March 9, 2016. I commented on this case back in November, 2015: This challenge by GFO still... Read more »

Conservation Authority planning to appeal Divisional Court decision
December 30th, 2015

This relates my previous post on the Gilmor v. Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority decision of the Divisional Court.  It appears that the NVCA plans to appeal the decision and is seeking leave to appeal from the Court of Appeal.  This is indicated in a ruling in a related Human Right... Read more »