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Court declines to find that shared driveway right-of-way was abandoned
October 15th, 2014

The drawing above shows three adjacent residential properties in Toronto (in blue, pink and yellow) along with a right-of-way that is shared by the three properties (in green).  The street adjacent to the three properties runs down the left side of the drawing; the right-of-way is a driveway th... Read more »

Landowners succeed on appeal of assessment for municipal drain maintenance work
October 8th, 2014

Little Creek Municipal Drain services a watershed in the Municipality of the Town of Lakeshore. Little Creek itself drains approximately 2,700 hectares (or 6,650 acres) of mostly farmland into Lake St. Clair.  In 2011, the Town instructed a drainage Engineer to prepare a new updated assessment... Read more »

BC Court: Aborted sale should have proceeded - vendor did not conceal property's propensity to flood
October 6th, 2014

The purchaser of a 60-year-old residential property (Lot A) on Salt Spring Island in BC chose not to complete the purchase on the closing date because of alleged latent defects.  The purchaser alleged that a dam or berm constructed on a neighbouring property encroached on Lot A and also caused... Read more »

From the Environmental Registry: Updating the Schedule of Noxious Weeds in Ontario
September 30th, 2014

Regulation Proposal Notice: Updating the Schedule of Noxious Weeds in R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 1096 - General made under the Weed Control Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. W-5.Description of Regulation:The Weed Control Act and Regulation 1096 prohibit listed noxious weeds from being grown where they have the pot... Read more »

NEB decides that Trans Mountain - Burnaby dispute raises constitutional question
September 29th, 2014

About a month ago, I posted about a fight going on before the National Energy Board between Trans Mountain Pipeline (Kinder Morgan) and the City of Burnaby with respect to property access for the proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project.  At that time, the NEB sided with Trans Mountai... Read more »