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  • Choosing To Divorce Over Religion

    For centuries, religious differences have brought people together and also divided them. In some families across the globe, when it comes to marrying outside of your religion, there can be hostility, disapproval, disownment and even punishment. In contrast, there can also be deep understanding, the … Read more »

  • When Mental Illness Leads To Divorce

    Feelings of failure, guilt, and loneliness can arise in adulthood due to childhood trauma, loss, work, life, and relationship pressures. When untreated, these negative feelings can lead to mental illnesses such as PTSD, depression, and/or anxiety, which can impact daily life. At Epstein Law, we unde … Read more »

  • Can I Change My Mind About My Divorce?

    Divorce is final once the appropriate paperwork is signed, right? Not exactly. In some cases, there may be some room for you and your partner to change your minds, reversing your divorce. Love Will Keep Us Together Going through a divorce can sometimes make two people realize how much they love and … Read more »

  • How To Support Your Child When They Are Going Through A Divorce

    Just like when they were little, when your child goes through something difficult or emotional, they may look to you for advice, guidance, and help. While frequent calls and check-ins can go a long way when someone is struggling to keep their spirits up during a divorce, there are many other things … Read more »

  • Famous Canadians Who’ve Been Divorced

    Divorce doesn’t discriminate. Just because someone is famous, has lots of money and fans across the globe, doesn’t guarantee they’re going to have a perfectly happy, fulfilling, or flawless relationship. Marriage can be hard work. So, it makes sense that celebrities who work strange hours and deal w … Read more »