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  • How can I get joint custody of my child?

    When parents are separating, or divorcing, the biggest challenge they face typically is deciding upon child custody. When it comes to determining child custody, the courts ask one question: what are the best interests of the child? Before any court decision, parents may discuss and consider sharing … Read more »

  • How is Retroactive Child Support Paid?

    The law states that parents are responsible for financially supporting their dependent children. If a couple separates or a marriage breaks down, regardless, child support may need to be paid by the parent who spends less time with the child, or in the case of shared custody situations, by the paren … Read more »

  • What can I expect in a court case when getting a divorce?

    The ending of a marriage can be frightening enough, let alone having to appear in front of a judge when there’s so much at stake. In Ontario, when a marriage breaks down, the court may grant a divorce. Only a court can grant a divorce, and this may involve attending ‘conferences’, the first of which … Read more »

  • What happens in divorce if you commit adultery?

    The federal Divorce Act governs what happens in divorce cases in Ontario. If you’re applying for a divorce on the basis of adultery or an ‘affair’, this is one of the grounds where one party is deemed to be ‘at fault’ in the breakdown of the marriage. This may or may not have implications depending … Read more »

  • What is a Parenting Plan?

    A Parenting Plan is a document that can be agreed and drawn up by two parents who are separating or going through a divorce and it usually covers all aspects of how the parents will raise their children after their split. This kind of agreement does not have to use legal terms and usually includes s … Read more »