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  • The New Tort Trend?

    On this long overdue episode of the pod, Professor Hilary Young and Robert Danay discuss the apparent new trend in which judges in Canada have been creating new common law torts. Some of the cases discussed include:Ahluwalia v. Ahluwalia, 2022 ONSC 1303 in which Mandhane J. created the new tort of f … Read more »

  • SHORTS: The Legacy of Joseph Arvay QC (1949-2020)

    In this inaugural Stereo Decisis “Shorts” episode, we pay tribute to the legacy of Joseph Arvay, QC, who passed away on December 7, 2020 at the age of 71. Cases of Arvay’s mentioned in the episode include: Canada (Attorney General) v. Bedford, 2013 SCC 72 Carter v. Canada (Attorney General), 2015 SC … Read more »

  • The Legal Ethics of Representing a Hatemonger (with Dean Patricia Hughes)

    In this episode of Stereo Decisis, Hilary Young and Robert Danay are joined by the former Dean of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law, Patricia Hughes. The discussion focuses on the appeal of R. v. Sears, 2019 ONCJ 104 in which James Sears and Leroy St. Germaine were convicted of wilful promo … Read more »

  • Joshua Sealy-Harrington on Jury Selection, Diversity and Equality

    On this episode of the podcast, Hilary Young and Robert Danay are joined by constitutional litigator and self-styled “Blackademic,” Joshua Sealy-Harrington. The discussion primarily centred on the recent decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Chouhan, which was a constitutional challenge t … Read more »

  • Angela Swan on COVID-19 and Force Majeure

    On this episode of Stereo Decisis, Oliver Pulleyblank, Hilary Young and Robert Danay are joined by Angela Swan, who was recently described as “nothing short of a venerated celebrity in both Canadian contract law and the Canadian legal community at large.” Angela brings her decades of experience and … Read more »