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  • Can Foreigners Buy Commercial Property in Ontario?

    With the Ontario government’s recent announcements regarding the Foreign Buyer Ban, non-resident speculation tax rate hikes, and other expansive housing initiatives for residential real estate, you might be wondering: can foreigners still buy commercial property in Ontario?  Currently, foreigners ar … Read more »

  • Using SPECT Scans To Diagnose Traumatic Brain Injuries

    A traumatic brain injury (TBI), especially caused by someone else’s negligence, can take a huge physical, emotional and financial toll. They range from mild concussions to lengthy loss of consciousness and are often caused by blunt force trauma to the head, for example, as a result of a motor vehicl … Read more »

  • Can I Withdraw Money from a Deceased Person’s Account?

    Many individuals – whether they are beneficiaries or estate administrators – can become frustrated with the time it takes to distribute estate assets (especially if an administration or probate application is involved). Whether an individual is reeling from a painful loss or simply stressed out abou … Read more »

  • Can You Sue After Being Injured By An Object On The Sidewalk?

    Unfortunately, being injured in an accident is relatively common. Medical bills and losses from being unable to work can pile up. Sometimes someone else may be to blame for your accident, and you can take action against them to protect your family’s financial future. Slip and fall accidents are part … Read more »

  • Adjudication Under Ontario’s Construction Act

    You may consider adjudication if you’re looking for a faster and more flexible way to resolve a construction dispute in Ontario. Adjudication is an excellent option for many common construction law disputes, and this legal process can provide a great alternative to a traditional court hearing in som … Read more »