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  • Can I Sue for Malpractice If My Surgery Is Delayed Due to COVID-19?

    On Thursday, April 8th, the Ontario government directed hospitals across the province to postpone all elective and non-urgent surgeries to preserve resources for the growing number of COVID-19 patients. Pediatric surgeries are excluded from this direction, as are surgeries in Northern Ontario. With … Read more »

  • Condominium Residents Challenge Mandatory Mask By-laws

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight over the past year on issues of competing rights in public spaces. A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice case exemplifies this issue, as well as the court’s role in applying the law and safeguarding individual rights in light of COVID-19 emergency pol … Read more »

  • E-Bike Pilot Project Could Pose Unique Personal Injury Challenges

    The next time your delivery driver arrives with your weekly takeout, you might notice them sporting a new set of wheels. The Ontario government recently established a pilot project to evaluate the use and operation of cargo power-assisted bikes, known as cargo e-bikes. The pilot project runs from Ma … Read more »

  • Meet the Tierney Stauffer LLP Team

    Ian Stauffer, Partner Ian Stauffer, Partner at Tierney Stauffer LLP I have just completed my 31st year as a partner at Tierney Stauffer LLP.  I’d been a lawyer for 7 years when my classmate, Frank Tierney, talked to me about my coming to join his two brothers and another young professional in what b … Read more »

  • Post-Retirement Employment Creates Significant Employer Obligation on Termination

    The recent case of Currie v. Nylene Canada Inc. decided here in Ottawa, considered the damages to be awarded to a long-term employee who was pensioned off and then offered subsequent employment by her employer. Subject to the terms of an employment contract, the law requires an employer that seeks t … Read more »