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  • Dog Bite, Liability and Injuries

    Author: Anika Helen – ParalegalEdited By: Ryan Carson In Ontario, when it comes dog attacks, the owner is strictly liable for any injuries that may have resulted from the attack. The plaintiff does not need any proof that the dog owner was not careful or whether the dog owner should have been dilige … Read more »

  • Buying and Selling Real Estate on the Same Closing Day

    Author: Warren Gilmore – Law StudentEdited By: Ryan Carson One of the most common real estate transactions involve the sale of one’s current home and the purchase of a new home. Many individuals try to synchronize the closing dates for both transactions so that they are buying and selling properties … Read more »

  • Trademark Registrability

    Author: Sarah Nadon – Law StudentEdited By: Ryan Carson Trademarks can help build a national brand and are extremely useful when identifying goods and services. When applying to create trademark, it is important to understand the application process. It is vital to take the time to understand what i … Read more »

  • Social Media Policies in the Workplace

    Author: Stacey Staios – Articling StudentEdited By: Ryan CarsonOver the years, social media has become prominent in almost everyone’s lives. With the popularity of smart phones and access to internet, posting photos and writing status updates online have become second nature. In an employment settin … Read more »

  • GST/HST New Housing Rebate

    Author: Warren Gilmore – Law StudentEdited By: Ryan Carson Purchasing a new build home is a process that differs from traditional home buying in many ways. When purchasing a traditional, preexisting home, the Agreement of Purchase and Sale will normally provide that taxes (GST/HST), are included in … Read more »