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  • Creating Enforceable Rental RestrictionsOctober 20, 2017

    Enacting rental restriction bylaws can be trickier than originally contemplated for several reasons: the original state of the bylaws, the delaying provisions in the Strata Property Act, situations that prevent rental restriction bylaws from applying to some or all of the strata lots, and the requir … Read more »

  • AirBnB's in StratasOctober 10, 2017

    Like all rental topics on stratas, AirBnB’s have been a hot topic for all involved in stratas. The main issue noted with AirBnB’s in stratas, is the short term rentals of the strata lots and the concern regarding security, wear and tear of the common property, noise, etc.For some living in stratas, … Read more »

  • Roommates and Rental RestrictionsOctober 3, 2017

    There has been confusion in the industry whether a strata’s rental restriction bylaw can also prevent an owner from having a roommate in their strata lot. In the industry one view has always been that the Strata Property Act only allows a strata to prevent the rental of an entire strata lot and has … Read more »

  • Parking DisputesSeptember 25, 2017

    In an interesting dispute, an owner sued her strata in the CRT for changing which stall was the designated handicapped parking space: Ehrne v The Owners, Strata Plan VR 2601, 2017 CRTBC 2.On the strata plan the strata originally had a common property stall designated as a handicapped stall, the othe … Read more »

  • Alterations to Common PropertySeptember 19, 2017

    All strata corporations in BC are required to have bylaws. If they haven’t passed their own, the standard bylaws of the Strata Property Act apply. The standard bylaws require strata council approval before an owner can make alterations to common property. However, in certain cases, council doesn’t h … Read more »