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  • Paying the Cost of Challenging a Will

    In the BC Court system a plaintiff takes a risk suing where, if they lose, they not only pay their own lawyer’s legal fees, they end up paying some (and sometimes most or all) of the defendant’s legal fees. The default in BC is that the loser pays “costs”. This, sometimes, gives people pause before … Read more »

  • Owners Entitled to Extend Patio onto Common Property

    A strata corporation has control over the common property and most (if not all) strata bylaws require approval of the strata to make alterations to the common property. In the case of a patio extension onto common property, an owner does not have an automatic right to extend their patio or make chan … Read more »

  • Collecting Legal Fees for Bylaw Enforcement

    In the first case of its kind, the BC Supreme Court assessed the amount legal fees payable to the Strata Corporation from the owner that breached the Strata’s bylaws: The Owners, Strata Plan K 27 v. Caron, 2019 BCSC 1046. In this case, the Strata sued the owner to enforce its bylaws and to evict the … Read more »

  • CRT Says Hardship Exemptions not Available for AirBnB Rentals

    As discussed in a previous post, the Strata Property Act (the “SPA”) provides a hardship exemption from rental bylaws when those bylaws cause hardship to an owner if that owner cannot rent their strata lot. What is hardship depends on the facts and circumstances of each individual owner. In a recent … Read more »

  • Noisy Strata Neighbours

    I have, again, had the pleasure of successfully helping a client navigate the Civil Resolution Tribunal system in a dispute with a Strata Corporation and, in this case, noisy neighbours. In the case of Moojelsky v The Owners, Strata Plan K 323, 2019 BCCRT 698, the owner lived in a condo style buildi … Read more »