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  • CRT Says Hardship Exemptions not Available for AirBnB Rentals

    As discussed in a previous post, the Strata Property Act (the “SPA”) provides a hardship exemption from rental bylaws when those bylaws cause hardship to an owner if that owner cannot rent their strata lot. What is hardship depends on the facts and circumstances of each individual owner. In a recent … Read more »

  • Noisy Strata Neighbours

    I have, again, had the pleasure of successfully helping a client navigate the Civil Resolution Tribunal system in a dispute with a Strata Corporation and, in this case, noisy neighbours. In the case of Moojelsky v The Owners, Strata Plan K 323, 2019 BCCRT 698, the owner lived in a condo style buildi … Read more »

  • Hardship Exemptions from Rental Bylaws

    The Strata Property Act provides a hardship exemption to owners when a rental bylaw causes hardship. In two decisions from the CRT, the CRT was tasked with the question of whether the owners were entitled to a hardship exemption. In the decision of The Owners, Strata Plan LMS 724 v Smith, 2018 BCCRT … Read more »

  • Short Terms Rentals not Protected

    In a previous post, I discussed the issue of whether a rental disclosure statement protects an owner from a rental restriction bylaw with respect to Air BnB use of a strata lot: spoiler alert, it does not. The owner as noted in my previous post had purchased a strata lot and was renting it out on a … Read more »

  • Enforcing Short-Term Rental Restrictions

    The issue of short term rentals is an ongoing and complex issue for many strata corporations and one strata in particular. In one of my previous posts, I discussed a strata in North Vancouver that successfully restricted an owner from short-term AirBnB type rentals and was granted $4,600 in fines fo … Read more »