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  • PredictiveHire and the Ethics of Algorithms

    PredictiveHire, a US-based AI company, has announced a new product in development that claims it will predict if an interviewee is a job-hopper. Job-hoppers are individuals who will hold a new job for a short period of time before quitting and starting the process all over again with a new employer. … Read more »

  • Biometric Privacy: Clear as Mud?

    Clear provides a service that verifies identity at airports and other locations. Members pay for the service that verifies their identity by iris or fingerprint scans.Authentication of individuals – where I prove I’m really David and should thus have access to an account of mine or something I’ve pa … Read more »

  • Privacy to be a Human Right in Canada?

    Last week, the Federal Privacy Commissioner, Daniel Therrien, delivered his office’s annual report to Parliament. The report contains an overview of major events that affected Canadians’ privacy over the last year and it also sets out the plan for the year ahead.The report is, primarily, a call for … Read more »

  • Opting Out of Clearview AI in Canada

    Clearview AI’s business model is to scrape images of people from wherever they can on the web. Then sell facial recognition services – mostly to police – based on that database. Some police forces in Canada used their services. But investigations by Canadian Privacy Commissioners and other public ou … Read more »

  • The High Cost of "Free" Pictures

    Copying and using other people’s photos without their permission can be costly.You can write something with links to other people’s content without breaching the copyright of the linked site. But if you copy and reproduce other people’s content without their permission, it violates their copyright. … Read more »