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This blog covers topics related to finding legal information on the Internet, especially North American, and the technology lawyers use to find and organize information.

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  • The Tipping Point to Leave Google

    I’ve relied on Google as my primary search engine and Chrome as my backup browser for some time. Now that Chrome is segregating the enterprise (paid) users from the consumers for the purposes of ad-blocking, I’m downgrading it to my 3d place browser, after Firefox and Microsoft Edge. I’m starting to … Read more »

  • The Universal Budget Cut

    We have been asked to find cost-savings in our 2020 budget. Unlike when an organization prioritizes spending, this amounts to going through budget lines and identifying whether our budget requests and our year end actuals are actually in alignment. As I was looking through our numbers, it seemed to … Read more »

  • Use Windows 10 Game Bar for Quick Reference Videos

    A picture can say a thousand words. A reference interview that involves a remote researcher trying to use a database can involve word pictures. One thing I’ve seen in public (personal) and law library (professional) experiences is that a word picture may not be enough. Nor is a screenshot. So I was … Read more »

  • A Step Back from the Free Law Library

    Free CLE. Free pizza. Free legal research resources. I saw a headline recently that described law librarians extolling free resources to teach legal technology. Nothing is free but it’s a frequent theme in law library service delivery. As our law library looks at some minor cost cutting in 2020, I w … Read more »

  • The Prisoner and the Passwords

    This is a cautionary tale about using password managers. My brother is in a Russian prison and cannot manage his own electronic accounts. He uses a password manager but it has taken us 5 months to communicate and receive the master password. It’s risky, in his situation, since the Russian police hav … Read more »

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