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This blog covers topics related to finding legal information on the Internet, especially North American, and the technology lawyers use to find and organize information.

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  • Amplify Your Legal Research Reach

    There are many ways to informally expand the reach of a law library. We can sometimes become fixated on our organizational borders, doling out to the haves, blocking the have-nots. This story out of Oregon is a great example where stepping back and rethinking legal information delivery can create ne … Read more »

  • Inaccess to Legal Information

    One challenge with delivering legal information from a courthouse is that the building is not always designed for access.  The ornamental gates in front of our library’s building (above) are a perfect metaphor for making justice inaccessible.  Sometimes mistakenly called cow gates, these kissing gat … Read more »

  • The Axis of Eval

    A law library director manages a team on a vertical axis. This may involve another layer of managers – for reference or technical services or IT, for example – or be directly to librarians. But we serve people who are on a horizontal axis with us. A recent discussion I had with one of my librarians … Read more »

  • What Will Your Researcher Do?

    My kid and I recently visited a bunch of university campuses. 6000 kilometers and 4 music auditions later, it enabled me to visit a lot of libraries. I tried to visit the law library on each campus as well as other libraries: undergrad, music, geology, and so on. A busman’s holiday. Lots of good thi … Read more »

  • A Duty to Harden Your Web Site

    As a long time web site operator, I dread having my site hacked. Any law firm or law library that runs a web site should take care to limit the opportunities to lose control of their site. This usually involves hardening your web site. If you run a site using a content management system like WordPre … Read more »

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