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This blog covers topics related to finding legal information on the Internet, especially North American, and the technology lawyers use to find and organize information.

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  • The Thoughtful Leader

    Some are born leaders, and some have leadership thrust upon ’em. Leadership often just happens. You make a decision or take an action (or inaction) in response to a situation or context. You may have thought it through in advance – how will I react in X situation or if Y happens – but there’s not al … Read more »

  • Anatomy of an Operational Review

    The wheel turns and our library is going through an operational review. I’ve never been clear whether these are common or not. It’s involved a lot of data analysis and report writing. It requires a lot of explanation about what the law library does, to people who may have no context. I thought I’d j … Read more »

  • Goal Disorientation

    It’s a new year! A new fiscal year frequently brings goal discussions. This may happen in January or whatever month follows your law library’s fiscal year end close. If I did new year’s resolutions, I would resolve to eliminate goals as a performance measure. A recent meeting with some peers solidif … Read more »

  • Cat and Mouse with Web Access

    One thing you notice when you run a web site like this one is the occasional aberration in access. A particular IP address starts hitting your site repeatedly. Or you get a lot of views from a country for a single page. From the outside, a person just sees the web site. But from behind the scenes, t … Read more »

  • The Misuse of the Pilot

    I use pilot holes when I need to put a screw into wood. The adjective pilot is used to suggest that something is a trial or test. In my experience, it is often used as a way to start something that isn’t a test – a pilot project – but that won’t move forward if the project requires a full commitment … Read more »