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This blog covers topics related to finding legal information on the Internet, especially North American, and the technology lawyers use to find and organize information.

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  • Split Ends

    I am trying to disassemble our reference schedule and rebuild it for our new context. This involves trying to enable hybrid work as much as possible. And it also requires adapting to a smaller team, as a 2020 budget cut eliminated 3 staff positions. I’m nowhere near a solution but I’m starting to th … Read more »

  • Some Thoughts on Lawyer Tech Competence

    I posted a link to Twitter about personal VPN adoption and whether it was necessary any longer for lawyers. Separately, I’d also seen a discussion about what it means for lawyers to be competent with technology, as so many jurisdictions require now in their professional rules. There seem to be lots … Read more »

  • In Search of Organization

    The headline says it all: File Not Found. “Kids these days” have been cocooned so long in search that hierarchical tools like folders are not intuitive. Color me unsurprised. But it’s something I’m interested in, because law libraries are in an information access role. If browsing isn’t logical or w … Read more »

  • Create a New Track

    A law library director is a bit like a train engineer. The future is ahead of us, on the rails on which our train runs. It is a flight of fancy to think a library can go in any direction. Funding, guild pressure, legislation. We all have constraints that make it difficult to change course and leavin … Read more »

  • Work / Life Profiles

    It has been 18 months of working from my home. I don’t really think of work-life balance because work is part of life, something I enjoy, and necessary to pay the bills. But I noticed that a computer screen can only hold so much of my work AND the other parts of my life at any given time. It got me … Read more »