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This blog covers topics related to finding legal information on the Internet, especially North American, and the technology lawyers use to find and organize information.

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  • Change and Permanency

    There is a lot for the observational leader to watch at the moment. One thing that I’ve been particularly interested in is our willingness to change. On one hand, the pandemic has forced us to change our law library operations. Many of those changes are temporary. But on the other, there are more ch … Read more »

  • Around the Corner for Law Libraries

    This is my third week of self-quarantine. I was out of the country – so there’s two weeks. Then I went to the US to extract a kid from university, so my clock reset. As we begin to settle into doing things differently, I am starting to think about what lies ahead. I was on a phone call last week tha … Read more »

  • Open for a Change

    Work from home sounds great in the same way that a brownie sounds great. The challenge is that, once your diet is solely brownies, the bloom comes off the rose. You can yearn for the familiarity of your former work life. Work from home during the pandemic can be a catalyst, though, to make long-term … Read more »

  • Legal Information Access, Interrupted

    We’re closed. As has been frequently noted on social media, libraries are essential but not in the same way as healthcare is essential. I have always wondered what law practice would look like without law libraries. Now we’ll find out. I’ve said many times that I don’t believe law libraries are esse … Read more »

  • A Choice to Rebuff Legal Publisher Process

    I’m in self-quarantine. To a certain extent, this isolation means that I am facing a lot more “that’s a you problem” experiences: working at home is something of a closed loop. But a law library is typically a mid-point in a chain. This can mean that process changes upstream at the publisher can imp … Read more »