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This blog covers topics related to finding legal information on the Internet, especially North American, and the technology lawyers use to find and organize information.

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  • Accessibility Workflow and Law Library Information

    We talk a lot about access to legal information in law libraries. Yesterday’s decision in the PACER fees case is a good example (PDF). Recently, I’ve been working on the other type of accessibility: how accessed information is made useable. Law libraries may be subject to statutory obligations like … Read more »

  • The Magic of Measurement

    I was talking to someone recently about information access. Their organization had created an information resource that had grown out of control. As every law librarian knows, to create a resource – a pathfinder, libguide, whatever – you need inputs. Those inputs eat up resources: time to create and … Read more »

  • The E-Book Delivery Challenge

    The law library remains a two format world. As much as the promise of ebooks has been made, delivery has been awkward or impossible. We largely rely on print for texts and proprietary web apps for everything else. Our law library, like many courthouse law libraries, serves an indistinct population. … Read more »

  • What Happens if You Do Nothing?

    I’ve been thinking about outcomes recently. There are things we do because we have to do them, or think we have to. Sometimes I stop and ask myself: what if I stopped doing this? What would be the impact? When you have a workflow or process and you need to adapt it to events like a pandemic, you may … Read more »

  • The Sticky Service

    My web site host had a hardware problem a few weeks back. This blog was offline for about 10 hours. Visitors looking for law library content wouldn’t have noticed because it was overnight and they tend to come during the day. But there were some angry customers on social media as the outage grew lon … Read more »