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  • Expect to see more privacy impact assessments

    Last week we wrote about changes to Ontario public sector privacy legislation that would require privacy impact assessments (PIA) before collecting new information. Let’s use a Wired story about drone use by U.S. police to explain that.  Police drone use  Wired investigated the growing use of drones … Read more »

  • Harrison Pensa establishes Law Clerk Excellence Award at Fanshawe College

    Harrison Pensa is proud to announce the establishment of the annual Law Clerk Excellence Award at Fanshawe College. This award will provide the recipient with $2,500 to support their education. Eligible students have completed level 2 and are enrolled in level 3 in the Law Clerk (co-op) program, mus … Read more »

  • Ontario Bill 194 proposes data breach reporting for public sector

    The Ontario government has proposed draft legislation called The Strengthening Cyber Security and Building Trust in the Public Sector Act, 2024. The press release says Bill 194 “… would provide new tools to prevent and respond to cyber security threats and safeguard critical public services, such as … Read more »

  • AI: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    Artificial Intelligence has been touted as the greatest tech ever that will make our lives and the world better and solve a myriad of problems. AI is also feared and vilified for a multitude of potential evils. The Good A Wired article says “It’s Time to Believe the AI Hype.” It describes recent dem … Read more »

  • Security risk of routine IoT devices

    Earlier this year there, was a report that millions of electric toothbrushes were used in a cyberattack that caused huge damages for a Swiss company. The report was quickly retracted as being untrue. Even though it wasn’t true, it raises a real issue — the security risks of IoT devices. In the early … Read more »