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  • Consider a Cohabitation Agreement before moving in together

    If you’re thinking about moving in with your significant other, you should consider entering into a Cohabitation Agreement first. A Cohabitation Agreement is a type of domestic contract that can deal with a variety of issues arising in the course of living together, and in the unfortunate event of a … Read more »

  • Dave Williams marks 40th anniversary at Harrison Pensa

    This week marks the 40th anniversary of Dave Williams at Harrison Pensa. While he is recognized as a respected litigator and mentor, it’s his leadership at the firm to answer needs in the community that springs to mind among his colleagues. “He has a brilliant legal mind, but he stands out by who he … Read more »

  • Student perspective on making a will and multiple wills

    Admittedly, up until recently, I had not given much thought to making a Will, let alone making multiple wills. Before beginning my legal career, the connotation of a Will to me was a daunting document one uses as they begin to foresee the ‘end’. It was a slightly profound and dark ideology, but it w … Read more »

  • Harrison Pensa moving to new Downtown London address in 2022

    LONDON, ON, March 1, 2021 — Harrison Pensa LLP announces plans to move from its longtime home at 450 Talbot Street. In collaboration with BlueStone Properties, a long-standing business partner and friend of the firm, the full-service law firm is relocating to the Dufferin Corporate Centre at 130 Duf … Read more »

  • 3 ways AI is transforming legal services

    The practice of law is rooted in tradition and is well known for being slow to embrace technological innovation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has acted as an accelerant, forcing legal practitioners to rapidly adopt new tech-based solutions, including online hearings and virtual commissioning. With … Read more »