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  • COVID-19: Legal Questions Regarding Layoffs

    Today we’ll address some of the questions that we’re receiving about lay-offs in Ontario during the pandemic.  Most provinces (but not all) have temporary lay-off provisions. Those temporary lay-off provisions allow an employer, under the relevant employment statute (but not the common law) to lay-o … Read more »

  • Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: Applications Open Today

    Applications for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy open today, April 27, 2020. Most businesses can apply using their CRA “My Business Account”, or use the online application form. There is also a CEWS calculator online for businesses to calculate the amount of subsidy they may qualify for. No matter … Read more »

  • Redefining Defamation

    It is without dispute that the internet now serves as our primary source of communication. Despite this, our laws surrounding defamation (the act of tarnishing another’s good reputation) have failed to directly address online content. Currently, we have the Liable and Slander Act – a piece of legisl … Read more »

  • COVID-19: Qualifying for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

    The government passed the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Bill (Bill C-14) on the weekend. Many clients ask us which entities/employers may qualify for the emergency wage subsidy. “Eligible Entity” is defined as follows in the legislation:   a corporation, other than a corporation that is exempt from … Read more »

  • COVID-19: Essential Service Update

    As we enter the long weekend, remember to stay safe, and stay at home. We are all in this together. For those wondering whether or not the Easter Bunny can still deliver this weekend, the good news is that on April 7, 2020, Premier Ford declared the Easter Bunny an essential service in Ontario. The … Read more »