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  • Sport Law and Strategy Group Offers Free Interactive Online Sessions for Sport Leaders

    The Sport Law & Strategy Group (SLSG) believes in giving back to the sport community that we have been serving since 1992. Last year we launched a survey among our clients to find out what you needed more of and we are proud to share that we are listening. As a result, we are initiating […] Read more »

  • Conversations Matter

    Increasingly we are looking at proactive approaches to help our clients prevent the issues that are keeping them up at night. One of the simplest ways to minimize interpersonal tensions is to be intentional about the conversations we are having, or not having, with each other. I recently read an art … Read more »

  • Recruiting The Best Takes Effort

    We are increasingly being asked for help to identify, vet, and select prospective employees, vendors and higher-level volunteers (like nominees for a Board of Directors) through a request-for-proposal (“RFP”) process and/or by other recruitment efforts. This blog is about sharing some of our practic … Read more »

  • Travel Policy Suite for Managing Risks at Home and Abroad

    Last year I blogged about the importance of preparing for team travel risks when travelling outside of Canada for competitions and training camps. I also co-hosted a webinar on this topic with my colleague Dina Bell-Laroche. When we polled participating sport leaders on the webinar to indicate their … Read more »

  • State of Flow – Fueling Meaningful Work

    As we look back on the last decade, I can’t help but recognize the significant shifts in the sport sector. As someone who has been working, volunteering, and consulting in sport since 1991, I have also noticed that leaders are more depleted and overwhelmed than ever. This depletion is due in part to … Read more »