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  • Run Therapy

    Written by: Dina Bell-Laroche As we enter into 2021, the invitation is to explore the hidden depths of our souls such as we can show up fully as compassionate, skillful and heart-centered leaders. Rather than running away from what scares us, what if we cultivated a quality of presence that had us t … Read more »

  • Life as Practice

    Written by: Dina Bell-Laroche As we look ahead to 2021, we might find ourselves feeling a mixture of emotions … fear, sadness, happiness, anger, disgust, or surprise – the six basic universal emotions that psychologist Paul Eckman identified back in the 1970s. We now acknowledge through other theori … Read more »

  • Letting Go of 2020 With the Snow

    By: Stephanie Potter Sport has played such a significant role in my life, and I am beyond thrilled to have joined the SLSG so that I can support sport leaders through my Integral Coaching work. As a young person growing up, sport offered me community, safety (in the form of predictable rules!), and … Read more »

  • Highlights from Conversation Matters – You Ask, We Share!

     The SLSG believes in bringing members of the sport community together through our monthly “Conversation Matters: You Ask, We Share”, spending an hour with sport leaders from across the country sharing information and responding to questions on employment, insurance, leadership, financial management … Read more »

  • A Grief Expressed 

    By Dina Bell-Laroche   In his poignant essay on the deep sadness he experienced after the death of his cherished wife Joy Davidman, author C.S. Lewis acknowledged that he was surprised to find that death felt so much like fear. It is this line that inspired me to write this blog.   Death need not be … Read more »