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  • What’s a Holograph Will?

    It was 1948 and this wheat farmer got off his tractor and by mistake put it in reverse.  It moved backward and trapped the poor guy catching one of his legs under the rear wheel of the tractor. He had enough freedom of movement to move his arms and hands, but could not reach the controls. His wife f … Read more »

  • Winning the Mediation in Estate Litigation

    The vast majority of lawyers and mediators in the field appear to believe that mediation leads to more cases settling faster at a lower cost. Mandatory mediation was introduced in Ontario on a test basis on January 4, 1999.  In part, based on an independent 23-month evaluation of the pilot project, … Read more »

  • The Executor’s Fee – Payment to the Lawyer or the Law Firm?

    Imagine this scenario: Larry the Lawyer works for a large law firm. For ease of reference let’s call the law firm LLF. The clients love Larry. One such client – let’s call him Clint the Client – was so impressed with him that he appointed Larry the Lawyer as his sole executor. Clint the Client is wo … Read more »

  • So your real estate transaction failed. Can you recover your deposit?

    Generally, buyers who are unable to close the purchase of real estate risk losing their deposits, even if the seller suffers no loss. However, there are instances where a seller would be required to return the buyer’s deposit regardless of several factors. The post So your real estate transaction fa … Read more »

  • How to Terminate an Agreement of Purchase and Sale if the Seller Breaches the Agreement

    You signed the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (the “APS”) to purchase a new development property, you paid the deposit, but the seller has since breached their own obligations under the APS. You are now having second thoughts about moving forward with the purchase of that new home. Can you get out o … Read more »