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  • Fake Pregnancy, False Allegations of Abuse, and Extortion Attempts

    In  Walker v. Farsijani (“Walker”), Peter Walker sought to recover $96,000 he claimed to have transferred to Maryam Farsijan (with whom he was in an intimate relationship at the time). Maryam refused to return the funds claiming that she had received the money as a gift. Peter said it was a loan. Th … Read more »

  • Can a Trustee be Disentitled From Receiving Compensation?

    Individuals who act as a trustee or an attorney for property are statutorily entitled to compensation for the time and effort they have expended in their respective roles. Notwithstanding the entitlement to compensation, courts will not reward individuals who fall below their common law or statutory … Read more »

  • Religious Marriages status in Ontario Law

    Harry, 85, wants to marry 75-year-old Esther, but he does not want to lose his widower’s pension. They agree not to obtain a marriage license or register the marriage, but instead to have only a ritual ceremony in a rabbi’s office. Harry dies and his will leaves his assets to his children. Does only … Read more »

  • Second marriages and protecting your children

    Joseph was 60 years old when he lost his wife to cancer. Online he met an Israeli named Rebecca, a 40-year-old widow. They emailed each other, grew to care for one another and decided to marry. Rebecca and her children moved into Joseph’s home. The adult children from Joseph’s first marriage feared … Read more »

  • What? I need to keep receipts? The harsh reality that awaits the fiduciary who fails to account.

    An attorney for property (“POA”) risks personal liability for failing to keep records. Given the heightened level of responsibility, judges may draw an adverse inference when the POA does not produce proper records. This video reviews a case where the judge made the attorney give back almost 1/2 Mil … Read more »