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  • COVID-19: Is Video Conferencing an option for a court?

        Covid-19 has turned our world as we know it upside down and the legal world is no exception. Since March 2020, the Quebec courthouses have had to make adjustments in order to protect people from the virus. We receive regular updates on whether in-person hearings or video conferencing are availab … Read more »

  • COVID-19 Vaccines for Kids – Which Parent Gets to Decide?

        Over the past few months of this pandemic, we have all been waiting for the day that we hear the magical words: “we have a vaccine to protect us from COVID-19!” Though this day has yet to come, when it does, it is not too early to start thinking  –  which parent will get to decide if/when their … Read more »

  • What To Include In A Custody Agreement?

        Nothing is impossible, as long as it is not against public order. Put your differences aside and be creative and come to a solution that is in your children’s best interest.If you are separated or divorced but have worked out a custody arrangement with your ex-partner, you will want to prepare a … Read more »

  • Techniques to Develop Strong Parent/Teacher Relationship

        Throughout their lives, children spend much of their days with their teachers. Teachers and children build an important bond throughout their school year and kids often look up to their teachers as mentors and confidantes. As parents, it is important for you to have a strong parent/teacher relat … Read more »

  • How Do I Establish Paternity and What Does It Mean?

        You may be asked to prove that your children are in fact yours, for example at customs at airport or crossing the border. Or if a child is born out of a relationship, the paternity may be uncertain. So the question we are going to answer is how do you establish and prove paternity?In Quebec, fil … Read more »