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  • Smashing Success: Our Thrilling Team-Bonding Experience

    On August 30, 2023, the Spunt & Carin team decided to shake things up and try something completely different for our team-bonding event. Our choice? A Rage Room and Archery Experience!A Rage Room is a unique recreational facility where you can go alone or in a group and smash, shatter, and demolish … Read more »

  • What is in loco parentis?

    Step-parenting and blended families are common in today’s society. However, in Quebec civil law, the notion of in loco parentis is not yet recognized in the applicable family law legislation. In loco parentis, a Latin phrase meaning “in the place of a parent,” denotes a circumstance in which an indi … Read more »

  • Will my work instrument have to be sold after my divorce?

    The short answer to the question is “no.” To understand why work instruments are protected in the event of a divorce or separation, you need to know if you have a marriage contract. If you do not, then you will need to understand the notion of partnership of acquests and what it consists of. Partner … Read more »

  • Spunt & Carin Helps Fundraise for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes!

    At Spunt and Carin, we hold a deep commitment to giving back to our community. Every other Friday, one of our dedicated team members selects a charity close to their heart, and we rally together to make a difference. In our “Spunt and Carin Gives Back” program, we offer our team a chance to wear jea … Read more »

  • When a Child is a Beneficiary of a Trust Fund

    A trust is used to transfer assets to another person (art. 1260 C.c.Q.). There are many categories of trusts including inter vivos trusts (including family trusts) and testamentary trusts (following a death). In Quebec, there are three parties involved when a trust is created. Firstly, the settlor i … Read more »