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  • Guide to Creating an Alert on CanLIIJuly 13, 2018

    As information professionals, we are specialists in finding answers. But we also love to share our methods with everyone. One way to do this is by creating guides and tutorials on how to do what to us, are simple tasks, but to others, may be a challenge. The first guide we’ve created is on how to kn … Read more »

  • New Book Display: New & Featured BooksJuly 12, 2018

    We’ve recently added new titles to our collection! New to our library are titles from Emond’s Criminal Law Series. The series was awarded the 2018 Hugh Lawford Award for excellence in legal publishing.   New titles are: Indigenous people and the criminal justice system: a practitioners handbook by J … Read more »

  • Criminal Law NewslettersJuly 4, 2018

    Further to our previous post on current awareness, we’d like to offer distribution of the following newsletters on criminal law: Milligan’s Criminal Law Advisor (monthly) Police Powers Newsletter (monthly) Mack’s Criminal Law Bulletin (biweekly) Segal’s Motor Vehicle and Impaired Driving Newsletter … Read more »

  • What’s hot on CanLIIJuly 3, 2018

    Every Wednesday, CanLII publishes the top three English language decisions (and the top French language decision) based on viewing. Sometimes it’s the latest Supreme Court decision, other times it’s a decision reflecting a novel interpretation of the law. Or it could be what was on the curriculum at … Read more »

  • Legislative Update – New ProclamationJuly 3, 2018

    The Government of Manitoba proclaimed the following: With the advice and consent of the Executive Council of Manitoba, we name July 1, 2018, as the day on which section 1 insofar as it enacts clause (e) of the definition “reviewable service” of The Advocate for Children and Youth Act (S.M. 2017, c. … Read more »