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  • Facing up to COVID-19 in the workplace: What you should know

    As an increasing number of companies are re-opening their office doors in B.C., employers and employees have questions. Many of us are left wondering if the current B.C. Public Health Order requiring face coverings applies to our work area, or if business owners can ask if their staff are vaccinated … Read more »

  • The ‘Meme Stock’ Movement – is it here to stay? Let’s ask our Lawyers

    At Segev LLP, we have all been watching a ‘Reddit Revolution’ unfold in the last few months. As a modern firm with a unique speciality in gaming law, some of us originally saw Reddit’s backing of GameStop’s stock as a way for gaming enthusiasts to save a nostalgic brick-and-mortar retailer. But as t … Read more »

  • Segev LLP joins Alliott Global Alliance

    We are pleased to announce that Segev LLP has joined Alliott Global Alliance (‘AGA’), the international alliance of law and accounting firms, as its member in British Colombia. Membership expands our international reach to 190 members in 80 countries worldwide, scaling up our capacity to continue de … Read more »

  • Streamers, Influencers and the CRA

    What are video game streamers and social media influencers? Social media influencers are people who post content on social media accounts with a large following or audience, often for money or gifts. The CRA defines social media influencers as “people who have built a reputation based on their knowl … Read more »

  • Denial of Parenting Time – is it Ever Lawful?

    Navigating a co-parenting agreement can be very complex and often raises a lot of questions. Even when you have successfully established a shared schedule for your child, situations arise where you may ask yourself if the contact should be denied. Wrongful denial can result in a number of different … Read more »