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  • Why it is so important to remain silent when questioned by the police

    One of the biggest aspects of the immediate roadside prohibition scheme that we find particularly troubling is how adjudicators deal with people’s statements to the police at the roadside. Use Immunity in Criminal Investigations In a criminal investigation when you’re pulled over and questioned abou … Read more »

  • Is IRP the same as DUI?

    When drivers in BC are investigated by police and issued papers of some sort, the most common first thought is “I got a DUI.” That makes perfect sense. We are inundated with American entertainment and news and many of us learn about DUI and the term DUI from things like TikTok and YouTube. In BC, [… … Read more »

  • The Appeal Remedy for a 90-Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition

    If you receive an Immediate Roadside Prohibition, your first thought may be “how can I fight this?” Then you get online, and you start reading about disputes and the appeal remedy for a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP). Some of the information the government puts out suggests that you can … Read more »

  • Obligations at a DUI checkpoint in BC – presenting your license

    The Christmas Counterattack program is underway in British Columbia, starting with a massive blitz on the weekend with police DUI checkpoints on most major highways in the province. Lots of people are opposed to check-stop programs like these because they think it’s unfair to inconvenience thousands … Read more »

  • 2023 Acquisition International Magazine Legal Award Winner!

    We are delighted to share the remarkable achievement of Kyla Lee, from Acumen Law Corporation, who has been honoured with the esteemed 2023 Legal Award for Vancouver DUI Lawyer by Acquisition International Magazine. This distinguished recognition is a testament to Kyla’s exceptional legal expertise … Read more »