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  • We’ll never be a big law firm

    A lot of people know names of big law firms. These are law offices that have national and international reach, often with dozens of lawyers in each city mostly doing corporate legal work. That’s great for them. We’re sure they’re working hard in those offices. That’s not where we fit in and that sui … Read more »

  • We got our hands on the Abbott SoToxa

    The Abbott SoToxa is a government-approved saliva-testing device for use by police across Canada. Today, we can announce that Acumen Law Corporation is a proud owner of one of the devices. We have added the Alere DDS2, which was renamed the Abbott SoToxa, to our growing collection. It is the latest … Read more »

  • Entering the US with an impaired driving conviction

    An impaired driving conviction can impact your life in many ways. It can affect your employability, hike up your insurance premiums and, in some cases, lead to a driving prohibition. Entering the US with an impaired driving conviction can also be complicated. This blog will explore how an impaired d … Read more »

  • ‘Reasonableness’ is a flawed standard of review

    The Supreme Court of Canada is currently revisiting the standard of review in administrative law. This could drastically change the way courts review decisions made by government-appointed bodies and tribunals, such as The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles and ICBC. Yor example, you can apply to the … Read more »

  • Medical excuses for roadside sobriety test refusal

    A question we often get is what evidence is necessary to prove a medical excuse for a roadside sobriety test refusal. If a police officer suspects a driver has a drug in their body, one of the tools they use to detect impairment is a roadside sobriety test, also known as a standard field sobriety te … Read more »