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  • Differences between an IRP and ADP

    Say you have been pulled over by a police officer at a roadside stop, and while you are pulled over, they say that you need to give a breath sample. Well, first and foremost, it is important that if a police officer asks you to blow into a breathalyzer, you should always do it. Refusing … Difference … Read more »

  • Goodbye, but Bonjour (for now)!

    If you’ve been following our Twitter accounts and noticed pictures of Kyla eating poutine and tweets written in French, and you’ve made the guess that we’re packing up and moving to Quebec, you’re correct! Well, only partially. We’re not moving to the province of Quebec… but rather to Quebec Street! … Read more »

  • 90-day Prohibition for Fail

    In BC, when it comes to blowing into a breathalyzer, depending on the amount of alcohol detected, you could either blow a ‘Warn’ or a ‘Fail.’ The differences in results also affect the consequences you may face for either one. What do the results mean? Blowing a ‘Warn’ or blowing a ‘Fail’ means you … Read more »

  • 90-Day IRP? Kyla Wrote The Book On Them

    Kyla Lee is famous not just for DUI defence, but because she wrote the book on 90-day IRP defence. The Immediate Roadside Prohibition legal scheme has been around for more than 10 years. We started defending these cases from the day the law came out and Kyla has successfully defended IRPs for people … Read more »

  • Consequences of Failing a Breathalyzer

    Most people already know what a breathalyzer is when they hear the word, but in case someone doesn’t, it is a device used to measure a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). Police officers most commonly use the devices when they pull a driver over to test if they are over the BAC limit, and there … … Read more »