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  • Drinking in public: public intoxication laws in Canada

    Good news for people cooped up in their homes due to Covid-19 restrictions: drinking in public might be a thing this summer. A Vancouver city councillor plans to present a motion to permit the consumption of alcoholic drinks in designated areas in parks and on beaches. With bars, pubs, and restauran … Read more »

  • Police targeting stunt driving

    Police in some parts of Canada are targeting stunt driving in response to a reported increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although traffic has drastically fallen during the outbreak, drivers in B.C. should still be conscious that police are looking out for people driving in an unsafe way. This blo … Read more »

  • Disputing a Prohibition from Driving for Medical Fitness

    There are several ways that RoadSafety can suspend or put restrictions on your driver’s license for a medical reason. This includes through a Driver’s Medical Examination Report, an Urgent Cancellation or Notice to Cancel, an Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) Review or a Restriction on your license. Be … Read more »

  • How to prepare for pre-trial conferences during COVID-19

    British Columbia’s chief judge has issued a new practice directive for pre-trial conferences during COVID-19. If you have a youth or adult criminal file at a Provincial Court then you must now have a pre-trial conference. This blog will inform you what you have to give your lawyer ahead of your pre- … Read more »

  • Bail conditions if you are charged with domestic violence

    Almost every person who is charged with a domestic violence offence will be prohibited from going to the family home while they wait for their court case to be resolved. You will usually be permitted to have one visit, supervised by the police, to pick up essential belongings. Other than that, you w … Read more »