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  • Getting your licence back after a DUI

    Having your licence prohibited or suspended after a DUI seriously impacts your life. It’s no surprise, then, that getting your licence back after a DUI tops the list of priorities for anyone in this situation. In British Columbia, most people rely on their vehicles, whether it’s going to work, fulfi … Read more »

  • Roadblocks in BC: what police can and cannot do

    A long weekend is coming up, which means you can expect the police to set up roadblocks in BC. While roadblocks in BC are common, Courts are clear about what police can can cannot do when they pull you over. Nevertheless, it’s easy to become nervous at a traffic stop, even when you haven’t done … Ro … Read more »

  • Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm

    A BC Provincial Court found a driver guilty of dangerous driving causing bodily harm after she hit a child while speeding and texting. This blog will look at the requirements of the offence and why the Court found the defendant guilty in this case. What are the requirements of Dangerous Driving Caus … Read more »

  • Does excessive speed constitute dangerous driving?

    The Supreme Court of Canada is deciding an important case. At its heart is the issue of whether excessive speed alone is sufficient to prove the offence of dangerous driving. The case at the Supreme Court of Canada is an appeal of the Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn the acquittal of a man acc … Read more »

  • Should winter tires be mandatory?

    As the Province (well, mainly the Lower Mainland) recovers from Snowmageddon 2020, questions about making winter tires mandatory won’t go away. After seeing people “skating around”, Attorney general David Eby said he thought the recommendation to make them mandatory was a good idea. Eby said he plan … Read more »