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  • A Critique of Latin American National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights

    Latin America is plagued by cases of gross human rights violations perpetrated by businesses. Although some countries have developed policies called National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights, or NAPs, these mechanisms have been largely ineffective and need serious reform.   … Read more »

  • A Child’s Right to Work?

    On March 28 2023, Quebec’s Minister of Labour Jean Boulet introduced draft Bill 19 which aims to prohibit and penalize all work done by children under the age of 14 years, save for a few exceptions such as baby-sitting, paper rounds, work in the entertainment industry, or in small family businesses. … Read more »

  • The Embrace, l’amour rêvé de Martin Luther King Jr.

    Le 13 janvier 2023, dans le plus ancien parc d’Amérique, le Boston Common, la statue The Embrace a été dévoilée. Ce monument expose l’amour qui liait Martin Luther King Jr. à Coretta Scott King. Amour qui leur a permis de mener la lutte contre les injustices, envers et contre tous les obstacles, tan … Read more »

  • Venise, la COP15 et les droits de la personne

    Pendant que la Conférence de l’ONU sur la biodiversité (COP15) battait son plein à Montréal ces dernières semaines, Le naufrage de Venise d’Isabelle Autissier a attiré mon attention.

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  • Türkiye’s Withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

    Türkiye’s unilateral withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention − the Council of Europe’s Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence − in March 2021 has resulted in a critical setback for women and girls’ human rights in Türkiye. [1] On this International Women’ … Read more »