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  • Tips for managing stress and anxiety – a conversation with Bena Stock, LLB, MC

    If you are one of the many people dealing with increased stress and anxiety at this time I encourage you to listen in on my conversation with Bena Stock, LLB, MC.  Bena shared with me some practical tips for managing stress and anxiety and shared with me her 5-4-3-2-1 practice for shifting out of st … Read more »

  • Dealing with COVID-19 Uncertainty

    Let’s face it – if there is one thing we are all struggling with now – it is uncertainty.  And uncertainty is stressful. We never know one day to the next if we will be feeling ok or if we will find ourselves stressed out, fearful, or flat-out depressed. One thing that helps is connecting with frien … Read more »

  • Shifting out of anxiety – 5 steps to a calm mind

    A lot of us are struggling right now to deal with all the “what if” thoughts that are circling through our brains. I want to share a simple practice for interrupting the rumination and getting back into the present moment.  I call it 5 steps to a calm mind. To begin, find something in your environme … Read more »

  • Productive at Home Resources

    Thanks for attending the “Productive from Home Webinar”- it was great to have so many people taking part! For those of you who missed it, here is the recording: Here are some resources for you to download: Weekly Meeting with Myself Run a dash – Always Chasing Deadlines Assessment Lark, Third Bird o … Read more »