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  • Protected: Boosting Resilience – Webinar recording with resources

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  • Webinar: Bolstering Resilience

    Feeling like you could use an added dose of resilience? You are not alone. The many challenges lawyers are facing these days are raising stress levels and draining energy reserves. We have experienced unprecedented challenges in our professional and personal lives during this pandemic. We face more … Read more »

  • The Trauma Informed Lawyer – a conversation with Myrna McCallum

    This month I had the opportunity to record my conversation with Myrna McCallum about her new podcast The Trauma-Informed Lawyer. The Trauma-Informed Lawyer podcast – presented in partnership with the Canadian Bar Association – provides an invaluable resource to the legal community.  A gifted teacher … Read more »

  • Time for a deep breath and slowing down

    Summer is almost here. June 2020, a kind of June that we have never experienced before. It is really different right now.  There is much to grieve, there is cause for anger, there is change afoot, and challenges and opportunities abound. And to honour all of this I am focused on being present each d … Read more »