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  • If you don’t ask, the answer is already No

    Think about it. What could make a positive difference for you? What would you really like to ask for but are holding back on? Working a day from home? Taking a sabbatical? Proposing a shift into a new practice area? Getting a big bonus? In the past months, I coached clients to ask for these things a … Read more »

  • Why lawyers need to stay off their phones

    Is your phone becoming another distraction? In today’s busy connected work our reliance on our cell phones can have a negative effect.  Getting time offline can be a major challenge. What can you do to stay out of this cycle of being plugged in 24/7? My recent article published on Clio provides stra … Read more »

  • Five coaching questions for clearing out the cobwebs this spring
  • The power of a close network

    Happy International Women’s Day! In celebration of this day, I am sharing an insight with you about the power a small close network of women can have for advancing your career that I learned from BC Business magazine this week. In a study released in January researchers from Notre Dame University an … Read more »

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