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  • Ho Ho Ho or Humbug?

    Happy holidays everyone!  I hope that you are getting an opportunity to relax and enjoy some happy times with loved ones… and if instead the holidays are bringing stress and challenge, this blog post is for you.  Three helpful tips from my good friend and fellow-coach Marilyn Orr for boosting your r … Read more »

  • Thriving Legal Practice – Procrastination Breakthrough Course

    THREE MONTH PROGRAM FOR LAWYERS EXCLUSIVELY MINIMUM GROUP SIZE 6, MAXIMUM 12 Program Starts March 1, 2020   Who Should Take Part: Lawyers who are seeking guidance, a plan, and accountability support to overcome procrastination in their workday and in their lives. About the Program: At its heart proc … Read more »

  • Dealing with Distractions

    Distractions! Don’t these drive you crazy? It’s hard enough to get through the pile of work without the endless stream of emails, text messages, phone calls, and colleagues coming into our office with questions. If you haven’t got your priorities worked out, and a plan for your day, it is easy to ge … Read more »

  • Procrastinate much?

    This month the Canadian Bar Association  National Magazine features an article by lawyer Carolynne Burkholder-James with tips to reduce procrastination in legal practice.  Here’s an excerpt: As a busy lawyer with an overflowing to-do list, it can be easy to put off tasks to another day. But procrast … Read more »