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  • Answering the Question “How Do I Find the Time”?

    We are well into a new year but have you managed to find the time to do all that you set out to accomplish? Setting resolution(s) is one thing, the challenge of implementing these when the deluge of day-to-day work resurges is another. “How do I find the time? The key to unlocking your ability to im … Read more »

  • Dealing With Toxic Law Partners

    Many organizations deal with toxic situations and people. Law firms and partners are no different. One thing that I have noticed in my industry is that there is a tendency to not deal with the toxic situation and avoid it. The path of least resistance may seem easier but it is often not the best app … Read more »

  • How to Build Up Confidence: Start With Courage

    Many junior lawyers experience concerns with a lack of confidence and questions about how to gain more. Rest assured, you are not alone in this feeling. It is a common challenge and one that is addressed in my coaching and mentorship program, the AMP (Associate Mentorship Plus) Club in the context o … Read more »

  • 5 Things. Consider this.

    Fixing the bugs in the legal profession. Much of what ails the legal profession can be fixed.  Here are 5 places to start. Leadership training and coaching for partners.  Being smart, senior, or a big earner is not an excuse to be toxic. Stay on top of proven leadership skills and styles effective a … Read more »