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  • Blog migration to

    To the regular readers of this blog: you are relatively modest in number but have been enormously supportive in substance–thank you! I recently updated my website and I will be posting much more content and commentary there going forward. If you are a subscriber or regular reader of this blog and w … Read more »

  • Preliminary Analysis of KPMG Transfer Pricing Study for OECD Digital Tax Proposal

    A recent KPMG transfer pricing study posits fixed percentages for returns to marketing and distribution activities, a.k.a. Amounts B and C in OECD parlance. The study casts some light on the OECD’s design for a new global tax allocation respecting the profits of certain digital economy firms. By ext … Read more »

  • Designing Sustainable Tax Regimes: Workshop at McGill

    We are concluding the fall tax policy colloquium at McGill next week with an interdisciplinary workshop to discuss ideas around the idea of sustainability in taxation. Here is the info:Designing Sustainable Tax SystemsThis workshop will bring together scholars and students in law, environmental mana … Read more »

  • Next Monday at McGill: Karie Davis-Nozemack, Applying Sustainability to Tax

    Continuing the McGill tax policy colloquium next week will be Karie Davis-Nozemack, Associate Professor of Law & Ethics at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. Prof. Davis-Nozemack will discuss her forthcoming article with Kathryn Kisska-Schulze, which considers whether and how tax policy can … Read more »

  • Tomorrow at McGill: Karen Brown on Tax Policy for Sustainable Growth

    Continuing the tax policy colloquium tomorrow will be Karen Brown, Theodore Rinehart Professor of Business Law at the George Washington University Law School, whose working paper is entitled Tax Policy: A Tool to Support Sustainable Growth. The paper examines the World Bank’s “Human-Centered Busines … Read more »