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  • Fall 2019 Tax Policy Colloquium at McGill Law: Designing Sustainable Tax Systems

    My fall tax policy course will incorporate a colloquium on current issues of national and international tax policy. The theme of this year’s colloquium is Designing Sustainable Tax Systems. The distinguished speakers who will contribute to this year’s colloquium include:Sep 30:  Rita De La Feria, Pr … Read more »

  • French Digital Devices Tax–Translation

    I posted this as a public google doc but in case it is useful, here is a side by side google translate of the French DST (official French text here) (highlights my own of course):TEXTE ADOPTÉ n° 256« Petite loi »ASSEMBLÉE NATIONALECONSTITUTION DU 4 OCTOBRE 1958QUINZIÈME LÉGISLATURESESSION ORDINAIRE … Read more »

  • Krings et al on tax levels, scalar dumping, and democratic preferences

    Professors Amy Krings, Dana Kornberg, and Erin Lane recently published Organizing Under Austerity: How Residents’ Concerns Became the Flint Water Crisis, Critical Sociology 45 (4-5), pp. 583-597 [gated]. The article examines the politics of austerity, of interest to tax researchers for lots of reaso … Read more »

  • 55 documentaries and one drama: A list of films about tax #taxflix

    A discussion about tax documentaries unfolded on twitter over the past few days, dubbed #taxflix, HT @alvinmosioma.I threaded a list that I had been keeping for some time, and the twitter discussion resulted in some key additions so I decided to upload the contents of my spreadsheet to this public g … Read more »

  • The Virtuous and Vicious Cycles of Tax Law and Development

    Last week, the World Bank released a Conference Report detailing the inaugural meeting of the platform for collaboration on tax, which took place in February 2018 under the theme of Taxation and the Sustainable Development Goals. The conference report outlines four “pathways” of connection between t … Read more »