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  • Can the law be beautiful?

    Law is generally a no nonsense business. We write legal opinions, emails, and draft court documents with the odd flourish of a bulleted list. We stick to the standard fonts: Times New Roman, Arial. We may splurge with Calibri. No Bauhaus for us. Forget Narkisim. The topic of “beauty” does not often … Read more »

  • Privacy 101 for Children’s Aid Societies

    In January, the child welfare sector, including children’s aid societies, will become subject to new privacy rules. Part X of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act will come into force and will create a harmonized privacy environment for the sector for the first time. I was recently interviewed b … Read more »

  • Say after me … it’s no better to be safe than sorry (A-Ha)

    Listening to the acoustic version of A-Ha’s “Take on me” I heard the line: “Say after me … it’s no better to be safe than sorry”. I’m a lawyer. I have probably said “it’s better to be safe than sorry” or “on the safe side” a million times. But when I heard that line in that song recently, it stopped … Read more »

  • My biggest competitive advantage as a lawyer is …

    My biggest competitive advantage as a lawyer is … visiting my clients in person. I know. I know. This is going to be controversial. Some lawyers are going to rail against this idea because they never see their clients in person and that works beautifully for them. They have a digital practice and it … Read more »

  • Health Privacy Officers, you need to see the Privacy Commissioner’s new Process

    Hey Health Privacy Officers in Ontario – you need to know this! The Information and Privacy Commissioner just released new guidelines on its internal procedures for health privacy:  The Code of Procedure for Matters under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.  It was updated August 2 … Read more »