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  • IPC Decision 101 – How to deal with a patient’s request for access to records about another patient’s complaint

    First of all – it’s time to celebrate. There have been now more than 100 decisions of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario on health privacy.  That’s a celebratory day in my office.  (Note: the IPC did not publish Decision 100 today – so I’ve got to celebrate Decision 101 instead!) Ok … Read more »

  • Consent is not the last word

    Stay with me.  This might be a bit bumpy.  Let’s have a deep conversation about consent. And by consent, I mean consent in a health care context. Consent for treatment or for privacy decisions. I recently watched an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Forleo. In talking about her book, City o … Read more »

  • Musings on risk taking in personal development

    In late September, I attended the Gathering of the Creatives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I went to meet my hero, Julia Cameron, who is the author of The Artists’ Way. As a coach of lawyers, I ask my participants to surrender to the growth experience if they want to live creative lives. I thought I wou … Read more »

  • Georgia O’Keeffe: Choose your path though you may fall off the knife’s edge

    Since I was in undergraduate studies, I have loved Georgia O’Keeffe. I love her bold colours and exaggerated shapes and scale. A few weeks ago, I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a conference. I went to the Georgia O’Keeffe museum and saw her works up close and personal. They took my breath away.   B … Read more »

  • Update: No cameras allowed inside health examination rooms

    The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) just released a new blog titled: “Cameras in Doctors’ Exam Rooms? Not in Ontario” and released Decision 98. In this decision, a media outlet notified the IPC that a cosmetic surgery clinic was using surveillance cameras in examination rooms. … Read more »