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  • S1E4 Open Access Legal Resources Sarah Sutherland

    The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) is on a mission to provide free legal information. The non-profit organization is a founding member of the Free Access to Law Movement and dedicated to making legal resources more accessible to lawyers and the public. Alan Kilpatrick, Reference Libra … Read more »

  • S1E3 – Access to Justice Week 2019

    In its third year, Access to Justice Week (from Oct. 20 to 26) provides opportunities to engage in conversations about access to justice and highlight initiatives aimed at improving access to justice in Saskatchewan. Our communications specialist, Julie Sobowale, and Director of Legal Resources and … Read more »

  • S1E2 – Stan and Nikki Johnson – Resilience Training

    As part of the Law Society’s strategic initiative to increase the competency of our members, our CPD department partnered with CBA Saskatchewan on June 3rd and 4th of this year to host a training workshop which supported participants in building resiliency skills for use in both their personal and p … Read more »

  • S1E1 – Prof. Keith Carlson – Gladue Rights Database

    This is the inaugural podcast for the Law Society of Saskatchewan. Tim Brown, the Executive Director, gives an introduction as to why the Law Society of Saskatchewan is producing podcasts. Melanie Hodges Neufeld, Director of Legal Resources and Communications, speaks with Professor Keith Carlson abo … Read more »