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  • Car thefts and insurance claimsJune 14, 2018

    Who is liable in  insurance claims if the vehicle is stolen? Lock your car doors. You may be liable to lose more than you think and it could affect your insurance claims. What’s the worst that could happen when a car door is left unlocked in a driveway or parking lot? Most would assume that their ca … Read more »

  • Canada Road Safety WeekJune 1, 2018

    Canada Road Safety Week We just had our first long weekend of the summer and Ontario Police have launched their Drive Safe Campaign in conjunction with National Road Safety Week. (May 15 – 21, 2018). Using the campaign slogan, “Who’s in Control?”, the police  emphasized the need for drivers to consi … Read more »

  • Mental Health Week and Disability ClaimsMay 11, 2018

    Mental Health Week 2018 One of the leading causes of disability in Canada, mental illness affects one in five Canadians every year with about eight per cent of adults experiencing a major depression. Mental illness is serious and it is largely misunderstood considering its ability to impact the soci … Read more »

  • The simplest of things can quickly turn into a farming accident.May 6, 2018

    Farming Accident Insurance Claims Unfortunately a farming accident can happen any time. The spring weather is finally here and across the outer regions of Ottawa and into Kemptville, Cornwall, Arnprior and the Valley, farmers are beginning to prepare for their spring planting season.  Living in the … Read more »

  • WSIB claims and cancer ?April 26, 2018

    WSIB claims Extension of presumption for entitlement for cancers in firefighters. What do WSIB claims and cancer have in common ? Ontario has made it easier for firefighters to get the help and care they need by extending the presumption for entitlement to benefits to cervical, ovarian and penile ca … Read more »