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  • How Much Time Do You Have to Make a Slip and Fall Claim

    If you slip and fall on someone else’s property and injure yourself, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries. That is, if you are able to establish that the premises were not reasonably safe. How much time do you have to make a slip and fall claim? Learn everything you need to file a … Read more »

  • Understanding Your Rights as a Pedestrian

    As a pedestrian, you always have to keep your eyes peeled for distracted drivers and aggressive bikers who are trying to dominate the road. But do you know when you, as a pedestrian, actually have the right of way and when drivers or bikers should be yielding to you? If you’re unsure, read on to lea … Read more »

  • 7 Summer Safety Tips

    The summer is typically a busy season with lots of time dedicated to outdoor recreation, including time at the cottage, road tripping adventures, and much more. But with an increase in activity comes the increased risk of injury. To keep you and your family safe while enjoying the season, we’ve comp … Read more »

  • Top 7 Reasons Homeowners Get Sued

    Every year, thousands of homeowners get sued for accidents that happen on their property. Many of these lawsuits are filed by family members and friends who have been injured and are forced to sue in order to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, recovery care and disability claims. Find out why hom … Read more »

  • Has Covid-19 Caused an Increase in Cycling Accidents?

    Cycling Accidents and Covid 19 Should we be concerned about an increase in cycling accidents? Covid 19 has caused an unprecedented spike in the number of cyclists on our streets. Whether they are commuters avoiding public transit, fitness enthusiasts who have lost access to their regular activities, … Read more »