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  • Changes to Slip and Fall Accident Timelines

    Changes to  Slip and Fall Accident Timelines Bill 118, the Act to amend the Occupiers’ Liability Act came into effect December 8, 2020. Changes to Ontario Law and slip and fall accident timelines will soon affect people who are injured by a slip and fall accident on icy steps, walkways, laneways, or … Read more »

  • How to Get the Best Ontario Insurance Premiums

    Ontario Insurance Premiums Ontario insurance premiums have risen by unprecedented levels over the past three years leaving Ontario drivers with some of the highest provincial premiums. A recent report published by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) and York University professor, Fred Lazar … Read more »

  • Suffering from back pain injuries ?

    Back pain, sprains, herniated disks and spinal cord injuries. Back pain affects people from all over the world. Whether they work at a desk, travel for business, or work on construction sites, the risk of back pain is high. Injuries are common in car accidents or slip and fall injuries, and can rang … Read more »

  • Distracted driving-new laws coming.

    Distracted Driving Distracted Driving in Ontario These days, it seems very foreign to see someone talking on a cell phone while driving.  Since 2009, Ontario drivers have been banned from using hand-held devices that create distracted driving behind the wheel.  Since then, the use of cell phones and … Read more »

  • Catastrophic Injury Impairment

    Changes to Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule and Catastrophic Injury Automobile insurance is constantly changing . It seems that the government continues to strip away at some of the most vital services required for injured people, especially those who are severely injured and need it most, those … Read more »