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  • Buying a Business in Ontario? Here is a Retail Sales Tax Clearance Certificate Checklist

    If you buy a business in Ontario and the seller owes Retail Sales Tax (“RST”), you must get a tax Clearance Certificate from the Ontario Government or you will be held liable for the taxes owing. Persons who sell their business or business assets, in whole or in part, through a sale in bulk to which … Read more »

  • Cryptocurrency Part 2

    Tax Litigator Norman MacDonald appeared in Canadian Lawyer magazine.

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  • CRA Targets Cryptocurrency Traders

    If you’re a cryptocurrency trader who hasn’t reported your profits from trading, you have reason to be worried. The Canada Revenue Agency is going after taxpayers who failed to properly report profits from cryptocurrency transactions. This is a large scale audit led by the CRA’s Cryptocurrency Secti … Read more »

  • What to do if you failed to report your foreign property

    If you’re a resident of Canada and you own specified foreign property that has a total cost value of $100,000.00 or more at any time during the tax year, then you are required to report this to the CRA on a T1135 Form (Foreign Income Verification Statement) when you file your tax return, even if you … Read more »

  • Lawyer Ratings

    Check out Norman MacDonald’s ratings from real clients Click here to go to lawyer ratings Click here to read Google Reviews Click here to read LinkedIn Recommendations. Scroll down to the “Recommendations” section … Read more »