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  • ‘Entire Agreement’ Clauses: Usefulness and PrecautionsJuly 20, 2017

    Implementing an entire agreement clauses is a useful way to ensure that no verbally expressed promises are contested by an employee for being unfulfilled. An entire agreement clause can eliminate dispute over the terms of employment that were not explicitly stated within the written employment contr … Read more »

  • Do I Owe A Contractor Reasonable Notice to End Services?July 17, 2017

    Independent contractors are not bound to their clients by an employment relation. Independent contractors are, in essence, their own employers. The courts will apply a number of tests which look at certain factors such as economic dependency, permanency, control, and risk of loss/profit among other … Read more »

  • Constructive Dismissal – An Intolerable Environment or CultureJuly 6, 2017

    When an employer unilaterally changes a fundamental term of an employee’s job, then an employee may quit and claim ‘constructive dismissal’. Essentially, what this means is that the changes to the employment relation would have left any reasonable individual with no other option rather than to quit. … Read more »

  • Can You Get Employment Insurance (EI) If You Quit?June 28, 2017

    If an employee voluntarily leaves their employment without reason, this would result in disqualification from EI entitlements. There are certain circumstances, however, that an individual would be able to voluntarily leave their employment without forfeiting their EI eligibility. Under the Employmen … Read more »

  • Can You Collect Employment Insurance (EI) if Fired?June 27, 2017

    The general rule for Employment Insurance eligibility is having lost employment for no fault of your own. If an employee is fired, there may be a chance that EI eligibility has been forfeited. When an employer dismisses an employee for misconduct, then this would disqualify an individual from being … Read more »