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  • TTC Drops Vaccine Mandate

    The Toronto Transit Commission (“TTC”) has decided to drop its COVID-19 vaccine mandate that has been in place for approximately one year. In September 2021, the TTC introduced a vaccination policy that required all employees to become vaccinated against COVID-19 to continue with their active employ … Read more »

  • Amazon to Lay Off 10,000 Workers

    Amazon is planning to lay off approximately 10,000 workers who hold corporate and/or technology jobs, which would represent the largest workforce reduction in the company’s history. Reports suggest that the devices, retail and human resources divisions at Amazon are most likely to be impacted by the … Read more »

  • CUPE Strike: What Are Working Parents Rights If They Have to Stay at Home Due to School Closures?

    Many people are probably confused about the recent twist during the recent CUPE strike – the Ontario government just announced that it would revoke the controversial back-to-work legislation, Bill 28. Shortly after, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) claimed their members would end the st … Read more »

  • Meta Lays off 11,000 People

    Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has laid off approximately 11,000 of its employees as a result of a continued decline in demand for Facebook usage around the world. Over the past few years, Meta had roughly doubled its workforce in the hopes of developing a “metaverse” that would revolutionize onli … Read more »

  • Mass Layoffs at Twitter: Severance Package Rights for Employees

    Shortly after Elon Musk took over Twitter, this multi-national social media company temporarily closed its offices and cut workers’ access to internal systems. While it has not been confirmed whether employees from those closed offices will all be laid off, news coverages have reported that Twitter … Read more »