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  • Daniel Lublin – Be wary of hiring agreements

    Be wary of hiring agreements Daniel Lublin is a Partner at Whitten & Lublin, employment & labour lawyers Today, companies routinely require employees to sign hiring contracts that attempt to reduce or in some cases even eliminate important rights. Unfortunately, too many employees are not willing or … Read more »

  • Is Excluding Medical Marijuana From Benefits Coverage Discriminatory Under Human Rights Law?

    Individuals receiving services are protected from discrimination on the basis of illness and/or disability under human rights law. In Ontario, this is covered under the Ontario Human Rights Code. As it relates to drug coverage, a recent case in Nova Scotia highlights a key distinction in drugs appro … Read more »

  • Daniel Lublin – What makes a severance package fair?

    What makes a severance package fair? Daniel Lublin is the founding partner of Whitten & Lublin, Employment & Labour lawyers These are the two workplace law questions I am asked most often: “How much severance should I receive?” “Why should my severance pay be cut off when I find another job?” What m … Read more »

  • An Employee’s Rights while on Short-Term Disability

    An employer may offer short-term disability coverage, in which case an employee’s earnings will be more secure in the event they are unable to work for a short-term period. Generally, an employee should expect to come back to their previous job or one that is comparable; it is rare that an employer … Read more »

  • Criminal Records: Can my past come back to haunt me when looking for a new job?

    In order to determine whether a past action can be detrimental to future employment opportunities, one must ask: was the past action fundamentally incompatible with the employment relation in consideration? This would be the deciding factor in justifying a future employer’s decision to end employmen … Read more »

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