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  • Accommodation for Family Status Grounds: most overlooked accommodation obligation

    One of the most overlooked obligations regarding human rights and accommodation is family status. This is a broad term, which applies to employees and their care obligations for individuals for whom they are responsible. This can include children, elderly parents, or relatives under the primary care … Read more »

  • How to sue my employer in Ontario?

    The process to sue your employer is simpler than you might think it is. Step 1. We draft the “statement of claim” (i.e. the lawsuit) We draft a document called a “statement of claim.” It contains a lot of legalese at the top, along with the names of the parties to the case – namely the “plaintiff(s) … Read more »

  • How much can you Sue for Wrongful Dismissal in Ontario?

    A wrongful dismissal results when an employer terminates an employee without adequate notice or payment equivalent to earnings that would have been earned during the notice period. ‘Suing’ and employer for wrongful dismissal would mean seeking damages in the amount of what would have been owed in th … Read more »

  • Can a company reduce your salary in Ontario?

    An employer cannot unilaterally change a fundamental term of employment without being at risk of a constructive dismissal claim. As this relates to salary, an employee’s pay is undoubtedly a fundamental term. If pay is reduced or altered significantly, an employee may choose to leave but claim that … Read more »

  • Daniel Lublin – Be wary of hiring agreements

    Be wary of hiring agreements Daniel Lublin is a Partner at Whitten & Lublin, employment & labour lawyers Today, companies routinely require employees to sign hiring contracts that attempt to reduce or in some cases even eliminate important rights. Unfortunately, too many employees are not willing or … Read more »