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  • User Survey 2019

    We recently launched a survey to study users’ needs on Clicklaw and Clicklaw Wikibooks. We are asking our users about what legal information they’re looking for and how Clicklaw or Clicklaw Wikibooks is helping them find it. We would like to learn more about what we could do to improve their experie … Read more »

  • November 2019 Events

    Bookmark this post! It will be updated as more events are announced. You can also find frequent updates via our Twitter. Have any suggestions? Email the editors. Society for Children and Youth of BC Join the Society for Children and Youth of BC on November 20th for A Night for Rights Celebration Fun … Read more »

  • Public consultation open for a proposed new approach for the Provincial Court Family Rules and forms

    by BC Ministry of Attorney General The public is invited to provide written comments on the policy direction, draft language, and specific consultation questions embedded in the discussion paper. Find it at: Feedback received before D … Read more »

  • Share Your Thoughts on Law Reform Needs

    by British Columbia Law Institute The BC Law Institute (BCLI) is BC’s independent, non-partisan law reform agency. The BCLI is also home to the Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL). The BCLI and CCEL are asking for public and stakeholder input on current and emerging law reform needs in BC. We want … Read more »

  • Seeking Public Input on Privacy and Technology in the Classroom

    by BC FIPA The BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA) is inviting all students, parents, teachers, and concerned members of the public, to join us in exploring the privacy implications of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in BC’s public K-12 education system. Find out more on BC FI … Read more »