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  • BC Wineries: Register Your Water Well Now or Lose Your Water Supply

    BC wineries that use groundwater in their operations should be aware that they need to register their water wells before March 1, 2022 … or face potentially disastrous consequences including a potential loss of their water supply (thanks to Al Hudec for reminding on this). The registration require … Read more »

  • New Public Health Orders Require Proof of Vaccination

    BC’s Provincial Health Officer has posted two new Public Health Orders which now require (as of September 13th) most wineries and liquor manufacturers to verify a customer’s vaccination status before serving them: Food & Liquor Serving Premises Order and Gatherings and Events Order. I note that the … Read more »

  • BC Wine & Spirits Summit Set for June 24th

    A complimentary virtual conference for the BC wine and spirits industry will be held on June 24th at 230 pm. The “BC Wine & Spirits Summit” will include two mini seminars and a round table discussion. Topics of interest to be addressed will include recent liquor policy changes related to Covid, liqu … Read more »

  • BC Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Repeal of Prohibition

    Next week is the 100th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in British Columbia. The last day of Prohibition in BC was June 14th 1921. The next day, June 15 1921, the “government control” system for liquor distribution and sales began with the opening of the first government liquor store (now “B … Read more »

  • Australia-Canada Wine Trade Dispute "Mutually Resolved"

    The WTO has announced last week that a “mutually agreed solution” has been found for the Australia-Canada wine trade dispute which involved challenges to various measures related to the sale of wine in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. As such, this long-running trade dispute has co … Read more »