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  • InterProvincial Shipping Subscription Now Available

    If your winery or liquor business has been confused by the changes to Canada’s interprovincial shipping laws over the last few months, we have good news for you. Our related (new) web site, Alca Intelligence, has just launched our Essential InterProvincial Shipping Compliance Subscription service, w … Read more »

  • BC Eliminates "On-Person" Alcohol Importation Limits

    As of July 8, 2019, the BC Government has eliminated the limits on the amount of alcohol that may be brought into BC from another province so long as the alcohol is personally transported with the traveler (e.g. bringing back wine with you after a trip to Alberta). The previous limit for wine after … Read more »

  • BC Opens Grocery Shelves to Imported Wine

    The BC Government has amended its laws so as to permit the sale of imported wine on grocery store shelves. A limited number of grocery stores hold licenses for wine sales in BC. The previous government’s policy only allowed for the sale of BC wine on those shelves. However, the earlier policy caused … Read more »

  • Ontario Rolls Back Federal Shipping Law Reform (Temporarily?)

    The Ontario Provincial Government has brought new liquor regulations into force that effectively block (at least temporarily) the recent federal shipping law reforms (see earlier article). The recent federal reforms removed the 91 year old federal prohibition on the interprovincial shipment of alcoh … Read more »

  • Federal Interprovincial Shipping Restriction Eliminated After 91 Years

    On Friday, June 21st, Bill C-97 (the 2019 Budget Implementation Act) was given Royal Assent, which means that the Bill became law in Canada. One of the sections of this Bill amended the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act so as to completely remove the federal restriction on the interprovincial … Read more »