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  • Meal Prep Tips for Lunches at Work

    One of the biggest adjustments from law school to articling for me was not having long breaks to go home and make lunch. On many occasions during the first few of weeks of articling, I bought lunch in the path. It was nice; there was an endless number of options to choose from, and it was a great op … Read more »

  • Family Matters

    Articling is not only about academic learning. It is also about learning about people; how to be a part of a team, how to be inclusive, and how to remain positive, even during stressful times. “While in trial for four weeks, my learning of the above expanded ten-fold.” Walking to court each morning, … Read more »

  • The Virgin Diary Part II – My First Pretrial

    I was recently given the opportunity to assist a lawyer on a claim involving a motor vehicle accident. The matter was coming up for a second pre-trial conference, which is one of the last opportunities for the parties to settle the dispute. After researching different areas of the law, drafting the … Read more »

  • Your Survival Kit for Articling

    Solution-Focused Thinking From day one, many of us feel pressure when we begin articling to be perfect: to produce perfect work and to never make a mistake. I quickly learned that this standard is not attainable for a new articling student. “Articling is a learning process that provides us with 10 m … Read more »

  • "Articling is a marathon, not a sprint", and other advice

    Almost three weeks ago, the six 2018 summer students returned as articling students. On the first day, we walked into the board room, one by one for our arrival time at 9:15 a.m. Everything looked the same, but it felt very different. We weren’t as nervous; we felt comfortable and excited to be back … Read more »