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  • Running Your Own Trial as an Articling Student

    I’ll always remember the day when I stepped into the managing partner’s office, and he said, “Nick, you’re going to trial.” A rush of adrenaline and nerves flushed through my body.This was a two-day small claims court trial where I was responsible for defending an action brought by homeowners agains … Read more »

  • Learning the Ropes: My First Settlement Conference

    As an articling student, you can assume day-to-day carriage of your own small claims court matters. This provides a great opportunity for you to understand the “big picture” of the litigation process by working on a file from start to finish.One small claims case I was working on involved the defenc … Read more »

  • Learn while making a difference

    When I told a friend that I would be articling at a full-service litigation firm in the heart of Toronto, he did not hesitate to respond with “Enjoy standing behind the photocopier all day!” While that may be many people’s perception of what students do in firms like MB, here it could not be further … Read more »

  • In Hallowed Halls: Selecting a Jury

    One of the largest courtrooms I’ve seen. A large, vaulted roof. There must have been eight rows of three long pews. 24 in all. Each one was filled from end to end with people, to the point where they lined up along the back wall as well. In total, there were likely around 150 people in that room. Si … Read more »

  • 2024/2025 Articling Student Recruitment

    Ottawa Articling Student PositionsMcCague Borlack’s Ottawa office is looking for 2-3 articling students to join our 2024/2025 Articling Student cohort of 4. This will be an in-person position located in our OTTAWA OFFICE. We are seeking articling students who are motivated and passionate about civil … Read more »