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  • Articling during COVID-19

    When I started my articles, I never thought we would be working during a global pandemic, but here we are. As of March 2020, millions of Canadians have left their offices for their apartment, condo or house as we all practice social distancing and work together to fight against the spread of COVID-1 … Read more »

  • Blurring the lines between home and work: How to keep your productivity level up during COVID-19

    Approximately four weeks ago, we had to make an unexpected transition from working full-time at the office to working full-time from home. If you also find it difficult to stay motivated when working from home, I offer these tips that have assisted me in keeping my productivity up and distractions d … Read more »

  • Taking Inventory: From one Student to Another

    The MB articling students are officially seven months into our articling term, with only three months left. “Now is the perfect time for us to reflect on our experiences so far and take inventory of the things we have learned.” If I were to pass three lessons on to incoming and future summer and art … Read more »

  • 'Twas the Motion before Christmas

    I received an assignment to prepare materials for an Undertakings motion and set the oral argument for before the new year. I was in contact with the scheduling office for the first week of December trying to set a date. The court was closed from December 25th until the new year, which made the begi … Read more »

  • Meal Prep Tips for Lunches at Work

    One of the biggest adjustments from law school to articling for me was not having long breaks to go home and make lunch. On many occasions during the first few of weeks of articling, I bought lunch in the path. It was nice; there was an endless number of options to choose from, and it was a great op … Read more »