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  • The Big Jump: The voyage from law student to lawyer

    As someone who had an entire career before law school, I believe I had a robust tool kit going into articling. I was familiar with deadlines and multitasking and felt that articling wouldn’t be as challenging as rumoured. I was wrong. Even seasoned business professionals will struggle during article … Read more »

  • How does articling compare to law school?

    During law school, I always wondered what the differences would be between being a law student and articling. Below are my observations so far: Workload There’s a lot of talk in law school about workload during articling. My experience is that it varies. It’s not as bad as the rumours many of us hav … Read more »

  • Articling is no joke

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but articling is no joke. At MB, we are assigned real client work with actual deadlines. Plus, we are given work on a variety of client files and must learn to prioritize, multi-task, and schedule our own time well. We also must learn to track and record our t … Read more »

  • Virtual Social Events

    In approaching a potentially virtual articling term here at the firm, you may wonder how we manage to get to know each other?  Even in these strange and restrictive times, we still managed to eke out some face-to-face contact with one another. To get us organized, our Student Director, Ashley, creat … Read more »

  • So what has the first few weeks of articling been like?

    Approximately three weeks ago, I, along with six other students began our articles. In short, so far, my experience has been beyond what I could have imagined articling was going to be like, especially “working from home.” But, let’s backtrack to the night before my first day. As I prepared my outfi … Read more »