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  • Social Media & Personal Injury ClaimsMay 21, 2018

    Posting or sharing something on social media is second nature to most people, so much so that you might not think twice about updating your status, sending a message, or posting a video, but maybe you should – especially if you are making a personal injury claim. How social media can hurt your case … Read more »

  • Summer Travel On Long Term DisabilityMay 10, 2018

    Everyone deserves a vacation now and then, especially when a person has gone through the pain and stress of long term disability. With summer right around the corner, the kids home from school, and the weather starting to get nice,  you may be considering taking a well-earned vacation. This could be … Read more »

  • Who’s Liable in an Accident When You Lend Your Car?April 21, 2018

    You’ve probably let a friend or relative borrow your car before (maybe even an acquaintance). And you ’ve also borrowed someone else’s car to haul a big load or run out to the store quickly. Lending your car to a friend or relative is so common that it might not seem like a big deal, but it can have … Read more »

  • Rowan’s Law: New Concussion Legislation in Canada Goes Into EffectApril 11, 2018

    Rowan Stringer died on Mother’s Day after suffering two concussions in the span of under a week due to a condition, known as ‘second impact syndrome.’ Rowan’s story might have been exceptionally tragic, but concussions in youth sports are not rare. According to an Angus Reid Poll, one out of five Ca … Read more »

  • Liability in Public Transit AccidentsMarch 29, 2018

    Public transit is often a source of frustration for many Canadians – slow buses, unexplained delays, inconvenient stop times – but sometimes the issues are far more severe. Just as with personal vehicles, the risk of collisions and injuries is always present. So, what happens if you are injured in a … Read more »