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  • What Happens to A Personal Injury Claim When a Child is Involved

    Nothing in life is as precious as a child. We do the best we can to protect them, but no matter how hard we try, accidents and injuries can occur. Whether it’s a faulty toy, product, equipment or negligence from a person or organization, a personal injury claim can be made on the child’s behalf. Wha … Read more »

  • Vehicle Accidents due to Road Conditions: Is the City at Fault?

    Getting in an accident while in a vehicle is one of the most frightening situations that a person can find themselves in. According to Transport Canada, in 2017 there were over 112,000 collisions in this country, and of those accidents, an estimated 1,679 people lost their lives. These are scary but … Read more »

  • What to Do If You’re in A Ride Sharing Accident with Uber, Lfyt, or Others

    According to the Globe and Mail, there are 52,000 ride sharing drivers in Canada, carrying thousands of passengers per day. If you’re among them, you may wonder what would happen if you were involved in a personal injury accident while using a ride sharing service, and who would cover the costs of t … Read more »

  • Will Your Slip and Fall Case go to Court?

    Not every slip and fall case goes to court. In fact, most don’t. For some clients this can be a source of relief – the idea of sitting in a courtroom can be a scary prospect. For others, not going to court can be frustrating, after all if you were injured you may want to hold someone responsible. Fo … Read more »

  • Is Your Employer Liable for Your Personal Injury?

    Workplace injuries are an all too common occurrence but thankfully it’s becoming common knowledge that if you’re injured on the job you’re entitled to some form of compensation. What many people don’t know is that you may have similar rights if you’re injured while on your way to work. Is Your Emplo … Read more »