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  • The Court of Appeal Considers if an Application for Retroactive Support can be brought against an Estate

    In Blacklock v. Tkacz, the Ontario Court of Appeal confirmed that pursuant to section 17 of the Divorce Act, an application cannot be brought to claim or vary a child support order against a deceased’s payor’s estate if the original support order does not explicitly bind the payor’s estate. The Appe … Read more »

  • The Chronicles of an Estate Plan: The Settlor, the Kids and the Cottage

    Alter-ego and joint-spousal[1] trusts are inter-vivos trusts commonly used in estate plans to hold legal title of assets for the benefit of the individual and/or their spouse, prior to death, accomplishing some of the following benefits: avoiding probate, providing privacy, expediency of inheritance … Read more »

  • Does This Sound Familiar?

    Son:     Mom, turn a light on, it’s getting dark outside. Mom:   It’s ok, I’ll just sit here in the dark.   Son:     Mom, it’s cold and raining outside.  I will call a taxi for you. Mom:   It’s senior’s day at Shoppers, I will take the bus.   Son:     Now that… The post Does This Sound Familiar? a … Read more »

  • Charitable Gifts on Death: Who can Claim the Donation Tax Credit?

    Today’s blog is being written by Jonathan M. Charron, senior associate at Fasken’s Montréal office.   The tax rules applicable to charitable gifts on death have changed considerably since 2016. These new rules aim inter alia at providing more certainty as to the tax treatment of such gifts and more. … Read more »

  • No Signature, No Problem

    In Bishop Estate v. Sheardown, 2021 BCSC 1571, the Supreme Court of British Columbia gave effect to a Will the testator had failed to execute before her death. Facts: Marilyn Bishop died in British Columbia in the summer of 2020 at the age of 76. She had a prior Will… The post No Signature, No Pro … Read more »