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  • Celebrating 100 Years Young

    Last week I had a pleasure of attending the 100th birthday of one of my (favourite) clients.  She is one of the lucky ones as she still lives in her own home and is able to afford 24/7 care.  She has a wonderful care team who have been consistently providing… The post Celebrating 100 Years Young a … Read more »

  • Difference Between a POA and an SDM

    Written by Fatima Husnain, student-at-law at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Prior to law school, I worked in a hospital inpatient mental health unit. Many of the patients were unable to make their own health care decisions and relied upon other individuals to make decisions on their behalf. If anyone … Read more »

  • Wine and Estate Planning

    I recently went looking for information to assist wine and spirit collectors with their estate planning. To my surprise there is little material online.  It’s easy to uncovered truth by drinking wine – “in vivo veritas” – but much harder to find a comprehensive Canadian resource about estate plannin … Read more »

  • Celebrity Estates – Not Immune from the Trials and Tribulations of Estate Planning and Litigation

    With TIFF in full swing, celebrity worship is in overdrive. However, celebrities also deal with the mundane and there is often nothing glamorous about their estates. In fact, like the rest of us mere mortals, celebrities do not have a lock on getting things right. So often, there is so… The post C … Read more »


    In Canada (A.G.) v Nortip Development 2019 NLCA 34, a company fell behind in remitting payroll withholdings and related amounts for several periods over a two-year period to the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”). Around the same time, a property with a mortgage owned by the same company, was destroyed b … Read more »