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  • Indemnifying Trustees for Gross Negligence

    This week in the world of client requests in the context of family trusts, a client (the “Client”) considered appointing their child as one of the trustees of their family trust, however wanted to ensure that such child would not be liable for any error or mistake made by them… The post Indemnifyi … Read more »

  • Diminishing Capacity and Urge to Delay

    This blog was written by Paula Lester – Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotia Wealth Management As an Estate and Trust Consultant who works closely with financial advisors and their clients, I find myself being asked increasingly often to help clients whose capacity has become a concern. This seem … Read more »

  • Physical Restraint of Confused Seniors in Ontario Hospitals

    Section 7 of the Health Care Consent Act (1996)[i] provides direction for restraint and confinement in a care facility. It states: “This Act does not affect the common law duty of a caregiver to restrain or confine a person when immediate action is necessary to prevent serious bodily harm to… The … Read more »


    As someone who has been around the life insurance industry in a professional and personal capacity for several decades, I am always curious about what motivates people to buy or not buy life insurance. I understand that few people spend time thinking about the consequences of low-probability events … Read more »

  • June is Senior’s Month

    Let me start this blog by expressing my sincere thanks to all of you who reached out to me last week.  Support during times of grief is so soothing and comforting and yet words do not quite make up for the warm embrace of friends and loved one who cannot… The post June is Senior’s Month appeared f … Read more »