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  • Common Types of Auto AccidentsAugust 16, 2018

    The circumstances surrounding two car accidents are never exactly the same. Some common variables include the location, road conditions, damage to vehicles, and injuries sustained. Furthermore, there are many different ways in which accidents can occur. By having a better understanding of the variou … Read more »

  • The Dangers of Distracted Walking While Crossing the RoadJuly 23, 2018

    The dangers of distracted driving due to smartphone use are well documented, but there’s another surprising danger of the smartphone that could land you in the hospital – distracted walking. Pedestrians who pay attention to their phones are often putting themselves and those around them at risk. Her … Read more »

  • Understanding a Pedestrian’s Right of Way at a CrosswalkJune 28, 2018

    Each year, serious injuries and even fatalities occur when pedestrians and motorists fail to understand right-of-way laws. As either a motorist or a pedestrian, it is your responsibility to be aware of and obey right-of-way laws, particularly as they relate to crosswalks. As a driver, having a bette … Read more »

  • Top 10 Tips for Safe Cycling on the Road This SummerJune 19, 2018

    The warmer months of summer have finally arrived, which means more cyclists will be exploring local biking trails and sharing roads with motorists. If you’re a cyclist, be sure to follow some key tips for keeping yourself and others safe on the road! 1. Know Your Route Being familiar with your route … Read more »

  • The Truth Behind ICBC Injury CapsMay 22, 2018

    In recent months, ICBC has been discussing the possibility of placing caps on their payouts for personal injuries related to auto vehicle accidents in British Columbia. Specifically, proposed payout caps for “minor injuries” will be $5,500 if this proposal becomes law. These changes are apparently b … Read more »