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  • Top 7 Tips for ATV Safety

    All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are frequently used for work and play in British Columbia. However, ATVs and other off-road vehicles (ORVs) can turn into death machines if operators fail to follow the rules for safe driving. This is because ATVs lack many safety features found in other vehicles. Getting … Read more »

  • Who’s Liable in an Accident When You Lend Your Vehicle?

    Determining liability for any car accident can be challenging. But what happens when you lend your vehicle to someone who is later involved in an accident? Could you be liable for any injuries? If you learned that a friend or family member caused a car accident while borrowing your car, talk to the … Read more »

  • Team Participates in Vancouver Sun Run

    We are honored to have participated in the Vancouver Sun Run with our amazing team! This 10k event combines fitness, friendship, and fun that we have enjoyed for many years. Learn more about the Vancouver Sun Run.   The post Team Participates in Vancouver Sun Run appeared first on . … Read more »

  • Is an Apartment Owner Liable for a Tenant’s Slip-and-Fall Accident?

    Did you suffer injuries in a slip and fall at a Vancouver apartment building or complex? If so, you might be wondering whether your landlord or the building owner might be liable for your accident-related expenses and losses. The answer may be more complicated than you think. Can You Hold a Landlord … Read more »

  • Pedestrian Fatalities Still a Concern on BC Roads

    Drivers need to be watchful for pedestrians when driving around Vancouver and British Columbia, especially during the winter months. Slick roads and poor visibility make it harder for drivers to maneuver and stop safely, putting pedestrians at increased risk of injury. Why Are Pedestrians More Prone … Read more »