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  • The “Revolving Door” Bail System in Canada

    The “Revolving Door” Bail System in Canada: Opinions from Edward Prutschi Many Canadians have grown very frustrated with the bail system in the country. They are not alone. Police chiefs have also become increasingly weary of the tireless routine of having to arrest the same criminals because they w … Read more »

  • Law & Order with Ed Prutschi, Toronto Police Association head and Mike McCormack

    People have been shocked to watch the video of a man handcuffed in the back of a Toronto Police cruiser produce a gun from his pants. In this month’s Law & Order segment, criminal defence lawyer Edward Prutschi takes on Toronto Police Association head, Mike McCormack, and dissects what went so dange … Read more »

  • How much does a DUI lawyer cost in Toronto?

    Like the cost of hiring a lawyer in any other criminal case, the cost of defending a DUI case depends on many factors. How are DUI cases billed? At BPS, as is our practice with most criminal matters, DUIs are charged on a block fee basis. This means your lawyer will quote you a fixed price for all t … Read more »

  • Bail Review

    Bail conditions that make you wonder if you should have stayed in custody for one more day. Understanding the Bail System in Canada and how to vary onerous bail conditions.   The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees a right to a reasonable bail. The Criminal Code states that a person MUST be re … Read more »

  • What Does Bail Mean

    What does “Bail” mean? Bail is the temporary release of an accused person while their charges work their way through the court system towards a withdrawal of the charges, a resolution or a Trial. In Canada, what we call “Bail” is technically called Judicial Interim Release. Bail hearings are for the … Read more »