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  • R v RD, 2020 ONCA 23.

    ADEQUACIES OF JURY CHARGE – AGGRAVATING FACTORS ON SENTENCE – POSITION OF TRUSTRD was convicted by a judge and jury of sexual interference, sexual assault and uttering threats to cause bodily harm against his younger sister, SD. RD appeals his conviction on the basis that the charge to the jury was … Read more »

  • R v McSweeney, 2020 ONCA 2.

    Section 10(b) – Section 24(2) – Detention – Right to CounselBackgroundPolice obtained a warrant to search the appellant’s home, and seize a variety of electronic devices suspected to contain child pornography. When the police arrived at the appellant’s home they directed a number of potentially incr … Read more »

  • SCC: A Decade in Review

    SCC: A Decade in ReviewThe composition of the Supreme Court of Canada’s (“SCC”) dais has nearly completely turned over since 2010, Justice Abella being the only remaining Justice from 2010 still currently sitting on the bench. We saw many household names retire from the bench such as Justices Binnie … Read more »

  • R v Vlaski, 2019 ONCA 927.

    SUFFICIENCY OF REASONS – PRIOR CONSISTENT STATEMENTS – UNEVEN SCRUTINYSufficiency of Reasons A sufficiency of reasons argument can only succeed where an appellant establishes that the trial judge’s reasons are so deficient that meaningful appellate review is foreclosed. A trial judge’s reasons, howe … Read more »

  • R v Smithen-Davis, 2019 ONCA 917.

    CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE – EVANS ANALYSIS BackgroundThe appellants, Smithen-Davis and Hamilton, were convicted of breaking and entering with intent to commit an indictable offence. The two appellants and a third perpetrator broke into a home in December 2012. The third invader was shot by the homeown … Read more »