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  • R v Brown, 2020 ONCA 462.

    SECOND-DEGREE MURDER – WD INSTRUCTIONS – JURY INSTRUCTIONSNote: This post was written by Rina Yousif. Rina is going into her second year of law school at Queen’s University and has a broad interest in family law, criminal law and human rights law. This post was copy edited by Sara Little.OverviewOn … Read more »

  • R v Thanabalasingham, 2020 SCC 18.

    UNREASONABLE DELAY – S. 11(B) – JORDANWhat You Need to KnowPre-Jordan era was plagued with complacency and systemic delay which are no longer tolerated under the Jordan framework, and are incompatible with an accused’s rights under s. 11(b).The Crown must be alive to delay attributable to their pros … Read more »

  • R v Itturiiligaq, 2020 NUCA 6.

    MANDATORY MINIMUM – DOUBLE MENS REA – Note: This post was written by Adrienne Tessier. Adrienne is a rising 3L at the McGill University Faculty of Law. She is passionate about constitutional and public law, particularly access to justice. She recently completed an internship with Peter Sankoff’s 100 … Read more »

  • Reference Re Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, 2020 SCC 17

    TerminologyUltra Vires – outside or beyond the enacting government’s scope of power (in this case, the Federal Gov’t).Intra Vires – inside or within the enacting government’s scope of power (in this case, the Federal Gov’t).OverviewIn 2017, the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act came into force which pr … Read more »

  • R v Zora, 2020 SCC 14.

    BREACH OF BAIL CONDITION – MENS REA – SUBJECTIVE FAULT – BAILNote: This post was written by Nadia Nadeem, a 3L at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law. Her interests include Constitutional, Mental Health, and Criminal law. Most recently, Nadia was part of Peter Sankoff’s 100 Interns Project wher … Read more »