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  • What to Know Before Buying an E-Bike

    Are you considering buying an e-bike to get around the Greater Toronto Area or elsewhere in Ontario? With recent news of people being surprised that their motorized bicycle is not viewed as an electric bike or e-bike permitted on city roads, here are a few things to consider before investing in one. … Read more »

  • Be Prepared for Challenges on Your Home Insurance Claim

    Filing and settling a home insurance claim can be a challenging process. If you are able to take some time to prepare for unexpected loss or damage to your house or the contents within them, the process could be less frustrating. Below are some considerations to keep in mind before, during, and afte … Read more »

  • Fatal Accident: Can Family Members Receive Compensation?

    If a family member lost their life in a fatal accident, you may be able to receive compensation by filing a wrongful death claim. The route of recovery, and the type of compensation you receive, will depend on the incident that led to the fatal accident. Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents In the motor ve … Read more »

  • Tax Q&A: Medical Expenses of Seniors During Personal Injury Recovery

    Recovering from a personal injury at any time is a difficult period for anyone. The pandemic has added further challenges, including loss of employment income and slower resolution of personal injury claims. For seniors who are recovering from an injury and are living at home during the pandemic, th … Read more »

  • Insurance and Collision Woes Involving Delivery Drivers Using Personal Vehicles

    Even though there are less vehicles on the road these days, collisions are still occurring. Where a personal vehicle is used during a commercial delivery, drivers and injured parties may be surprised by the recovery process. Will you be covered by insurance if you make deliveries with your own vehic … Read more »