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  • Cycling Safety for You and Your Children

    When cycling there are many things to consider to avoid someone colliding into you and to minimize the severity of any injuries. Keep in mind the reminders below before you head out on your next ride. Helmets Parents and guardians, make sure you and your child wear a properly-fitted helmet to help p … Read more »

  • Will I Know if Video Surveillance Will be Used Against Me?

    It’s not unusual for the defence to hire an investigator to conduct video surveillance on injured plaintiffs. Such an investigation can start as early as when the defendant is put on notice of a claim being made. Part of the purpose is to confirm the extent of the injuries claimed. The Disclosure of … Read more »

  • Can Injured Drivers Recover Damages in Hit-and-Run Accidents?

    Hit-and-run accidents are becoming too commonplace in the Greater Toronto Area. In Ontario, owners of motor vehicles are required to have auto insurance. As such, if you are injured and the other driver who hit your vehicle cannot be identified, you might still be able to recover some of your damage … Read more »

  • Do I Need a Lawyer for My “Minor Injury”?

    If you find yourself in the following scenario, you may want to think twice before you decide to not contact a personal injury lawyer for that “minor injury”: You are injured in what you believe is a minor motor vehicle accident or slip and fall scenario; You feel pain, but think you can live with i … Read more »

  • Pothole Claims for Property Damage or Personal Injury

    Potholes are a costly nuisance and danger for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. For example, there could be bent rims, or damage to the alignment, axle or suspension of a motor vehicle. With respect to individuals, they can sustain personal injuries or die from a bicycle fall or a slip and fall fro … Read more »