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  • Ontario Implements Treaty for Enforcement of International Support Orders

    The Ontario government has recently announced the implementation of an important international treaty that has implications for enforcing spousal support and child support orders between jurisdictions. This treaty expands the province’s ability to work with 38 additional international jurisdictions. … Read more »

  • Appeal Allowed for Insufficient Evidence on Child’s Habitual Residence

    In today’s globalized economy, decision-making responsibility (formerly referred to as child custody) disputes have become more complex. Ontario is no exception. The courts have the difficult task of determining the best interests of the child and whether removing the child from this jurisdiction wo … Read more »

  • Commencing a Case in Family Law

    Navigating the complex terrain of family law litigation requires a nuanced understanding of its fundamental concepts. In this blog, we will provide a high-level overview of the core principles and processes that underpin the commencement of a legal case in family law. Understanding family law litiga … Read more »

  • When Can a Court Order Authorize a Review of Parenting Terms?

    Court orders are enforceable and try to resolve family law issues giving some predictability to the parties. However, situations can change, and it may become necessary to change the arrangements that were put in place. This may require a variation, where one party asks the court to vary a prior ord … Read more »

  • Support Payments Can be Enforced Through Garnishment

    The Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act empowers the Family Responsibility Office (also referred to as the “FRO”) to act as a support enforcement agency. Support orders issued by Ontario courts and support provisions within separation agreements that are registered will be enfo … Read more »