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  • Conduct During a Trial Can Impact Decisions on Costs

    One of the more unfortunate and stressful aspects of any legal dispute, including those related to family law, is the cost associated with litigation. In fact, the financial and emotional stress associated with separation, divorce, and other family law issues is one of the reasons we offer mediation … Read more »

  • Husband Asks Court To Set Aside Marriage Contract

    With the increase in home prices, most Canadians have experienced over the last two years, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that for most, the family home is the most valuable asset they own. A separation or divorce will usually result in the home being sold or purchased by one of the spouses. … Read more »

  • Mother Receives Eight Years Of Child Support Totaling $500,000

    The topic of child support can be a sensitive one. On one hand, many people recognize the importance of providing financial stability to their children in the event of separation or divorce. However, there are instances when a parent who is obligated to make child support payments fails to do so. Ne … Read more »

  • Even When A Parent Is In Contempt, Courts Can Exercise Discretion

    We’ve written in the past about the importance of abiding by court orders, highlighting the significant penalties, both financial and in terms of parenting time, that can result from failing to follow parenting orders and other directions from the courts. Ignoring court orders can result in a person … Read more »

  • Parents Go To Court Over Whether Their Child Should Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

    Family court cases commonly involve divorced or separated parents who can’t (or won’t) agree on the details involved in raising children. Of course, it should not be surprising that COVID-19 has introduced a whole new slate of issues that parents can disagree on. In a recent decision from Saskatchew … Read more »