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  • Court Asked To Determine Who Owns A Frozen Embryo Following A Divorce

    The division of property can be a complicated process to go through during a separation or divorce. Of course, anything involving children can also complicate the process. Sometimes, both property and issues around children can come together to make matters even more complicated. This was the case i … Read more »

  • Husband’s Behaviour Leads To Large Lump Sump Support Payments

    Divorces and separations are difficult issues to begin with. When a couple with high-value or complex assets gets divorced, further complications are added to an already complicated time. Difficulties may arise in relation to property division, net worth, and support. The consequences for a high-net … Read more »

  • Can A Couple Become Spouses If They Don’t Ever Live Together?

    The idea of a common-law relationship is fairly well established in Canada. In Ontario, a couple can be considered to be spouses when unmarried if they live together or cohabitate in a conjugal relationship for at least three years. But as we often see, the devil is in the details. In a recent case … Read more »

  • Parents Urged To Learn TO Communicate Or Risk Custody

    Issues surrounding child custody and access can be some of the most contentious faced by parents going through a separation or divorce. While it’s easy for one parent to think sole custody is the most suitable option, it can be a risky request to make. This was a lesson one mother recently learned w … Read more »

  • Court Considers Whether It Has Jurisdiction Over Child Living In Japan

    We have blogged a number of times over issues concerning the habitual residence of a child and how courts determine whether they have jurisdiction to rule on issues relating to children whose parents may live in different countries, or who themselves spend time in different countries. A recent case … Read more »

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