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  • Child and Spousal Support Variation Due to COVID-19

    As you can imagine, the economic slowdown as the result of the COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for families. The economic future is uncertain. How and when the courts will open is uncertain. And nobody has a crystal ball. Nobody. Employees don’t know when they are returning to work. Bu … Read more »

  • Mother’s Concerns About COVID-19 Cause Her To Hold Back Access

    We’ve spent a lot of time blogging over the last few months about how COVID-19 has impacted family law decisions. One thing we have found especially interesting as of late is the way that COVID-19 has influenced the decisions people make, and how those decisions play out before the courts. An exampl … Read more »

  • Reversing Possession Of Matrimonial Home During COVID-19

    While some parts of the province have begun to re-open, the emergency measures put in place have been extended until at least May 29, and as a result, Ontario courts are still only hearing urgent matters on a reduced schedule. In family law, some situations are serious enough to warrant a trial duri … Read more »

  • Parent Challenged Over Move To Cottage During COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Canadians all over the country to adapt to new ways of going about life. For some people, the return of warmer weather this spring has introduced the ability to spend time at a cottage in order to escape the density of larger cities and to allow for more movement wit … Read more »

  • Court Does Not Allow Unilateral Changing Of Custody Arrangements During COVID-19

    When divorced or separated parents find new partners, sometimes with their own children from previous relationships, blended families are formed. While blended families may have been rare just a couple of generations ago, they’re now a common part of Canada’s family landscape. Unfortunately, COVID-1 … Read more »