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  • What Does it Mean to Be a “High-Risk Accused”?

    When a person has been charged with a crime in Canada, there are generally three outcomes that may result from a trial: the accused is found to be guilty, the accused is found to be not guilty, or the accused is found to be guilty but not criminally responsible for their actions on account of mental … Read more »

  • Defending Against Sexual Assault Charges

    In the realm of criminal law, few accusations carry the weight and gravity of sexual assault charges. The mere allegation of sexual misconduct can result in irreparable damage to reputations, careers, and personal relationships. For those facing such allegations, navigating the legal complexities an … Read more »

  • What You Should Know About Peace Bonds

    Peace bonds are a unique and proactive tool that helps maintain public safety and individual well-being. They are often used as a way to peacefully resolve a criminal matter while helping an accused avoid a conviction or criminal record for a particular offence. While not widely discussed in everyda … Read more »

  • Court of Appeal Finds “Innocent Explanation” for Misstatement in Search Warrant Information

    In trying to combat drug-related offences in Ontario, a critical tool for law enforcement agencies is the search warrant. If granted, a search warrant is a legal instrument that empowers authorities to enter and search premises at a specific address suspected of being involved in drug-related activi … Read more »

  • Striking a Balance: Aggravating Factors and the Parity Principle

    When it comes to sentencing, judges must weigh various factors to determine the appropriate punishment for a convicted individual. Among the factors that come under scrutiny are aggravating factors that can elevate the severity of the sentence. However, Canadian criminal law also utilizes the parity … Read more »