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  • Engagement Rings: Is it a Gift or Can You Get it back?

    Author: Vancouver Family Lawyer Matthew KatsionisThe engagement ring, a symbol of love and the sign that it is time to book that wedding date!  You received this fantastic, sparkly, expensive gift from your partner and all signs point to a long happy life together.  However, tragedy strikes and the … Read more »

  • NEWS | Alberta’s Family Property Act: new protection for common-law couples

    An update of Alberta legislation will create a more equitable way of dividing assets when common-law couples split, says Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer Marcus Sixta.“The current situation for people in common-law relationships in Alberta is such that they need to rely on arcane legal doctrine i … Read more »

  • Better Late Than Never – Retroactive Child Support

    Author: Calgary Family Lawyer Amanda MarsdenThe obligation to pay child support after separation and divorce is mandated by both Federal and Provincial legislation in Alberta. This obligation is something that most separated or divorced parents are well aware of, but sometimes parents neglect to pay … Read more »

  • Getting a Stay of Enforcement of Child Support with Maintenance Enforcement

    Author: Calgary Family Lawyer Mat WiroveAfter a separation or divorce, changes in financial circumstances can affect a person’s ability to comply with the terms of a child support order.  If a person’s income decreases their ability to pay child support should be reflected in this change. Unfortunat … Read more »

  • Interest-based mediation an effective model for family disputes

    Resolving family law disputes often involves employing creative solutions, Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer Marcus Sixta tells, the founder of Crossroads Law, points to a recently mediated divorce settlement in which the mother wasn’t comfortable leaving her young child ov … Read more »

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