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  • How do I get a restraining order in Alberta during COVID-19?

    By Mat Wirove, Calgary Family LawyerIt is now clear that incidences of domestic violence seem to be increasing during COVID 19. Unfortunately, escaping from an abusive partner is more difficult when there are restrictions on travel and physical contact between people. Moreover, the Alberta courts ha … Read more »

  • COVID-19 throws a wrench into fertility plans

    Melissa Salfi is a Vancouver lawyer specializing in family and fertility law at Crossroads Law.While most of us are learning to cope with the uncertainty brought by COVID-19, a subset of our population is intimately familiar with this feeling. Couples struggling with infertility are accustomed to de … Read more »

  • How do I Save Money on my Divorce Case?

    By Amanda Marsden, Calgary Family LawyerOnce you’ve decided it is best to separate from your spouse or partner you also need to decide the best process to resolve all outstanding issues. Especially during COVID-19 and this time of financial uncertainty, you want to make sure to spend your resources … Read more »

  • CBC News Opinion: How COVID-19 could force changes to family courts

    CBC News Opinion · Posted: Apr 15, 2020Written by Marcus Sixta, Family Lawyer, Mediator, Founder Crossroads Law With courts closed across the country, separated and divorced couples are facing the prospect of not having access to a judge for what could be months.The courts have made exceptions for u … Read more »

  • Is my Family Law Case Considered Urgent?

    By Camille Boyer, Calgary Family LawyerIt is nearing two months since life changed drastically for all Albertans in response to the spread of COVID-19. The courts and the legal profession have made swift and major changes to their day-to-day operations, including the ongoing restriction of court sit … Read more »