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  • Marcus Sixta discusses Divorce and Money – The Unplanned Journey

    Money Matters with Jim DoyleEpisode 7: Divorce & Money – The Unplanned JourneyJim Doyle of Doyle & Associates Private Wealth Management and his guests, Marcus Sixta of Crossroads Law, Yuval Berger of Hindsight Counselling, and Rahul Aggarwal of CleanDivorce, explore how separating or divorcing coupl … Read more »

  • Do Grandparents have rights to grandchildren in Alberta?

    Written by Mat Wirove, Calgary Family LawyerAlberta’s Family Law Act provides for some possible options for grandparents when grandparents and parents cannot agree on contact with a child. It should first be noted, that grandparents do NOT have a “right” to see, or take care of their grandchildren. … Read more »

  • Do I have to share my inheritance after divorce?

    By Colin Ferguson, Vancouver Family LawyerDue to the changing demographics in British Columbia, inheritances are becoming a more frequent issue in family law cases. This is especially so in jurisdictions like Vancouver and Victoria where an inheritance can be substantial as a result of high real est … Read more »

  • Is human reproductive material “property” at law?

    By Melissa Salfi, British Columbia Fertility lawyerIn recent years Canadian courts have been asked to consider whether human gametes (sperm and ova) and embryos should be treated as property at law, and whether they should be subject to division upon separation or divorce just like other family asse … Read more »

  • Brief Conflict Intervention: a free resource for Alberta parenting disputes

    By Calgary Family Lawyer Matthew Wirove The Alberta Courts have established a number of resources that parties going through a separation or divorce can engage in to assist in avoiding litigation and resolve disputes. We discussed the Early Intervention Program in a previous blog. Another resource w … Read more »