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  • Precedent-setting ruling nets client $331,000 from ex-spouse

    A client of Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer Marcus Sixta has recouped more than $300,000 from his estranged spouse following a precedent-setting ruling from the Supreme Court of British Columbia.The spouse had siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars from a family business during their marriage … Read more »

  • Hidden Assets During Divorce

    Article written by: Amanda Marsden Calgary family lawyerOne of the most important steps in any separation or divorce is the disclosure process. Before the parties can determine how to divide matrimonial debts and assets, both sides need a complete understanding of what those debts and assets are.  T … Read more »

  • What to expect in your family law mediation

    Article written by: Family Lawyer Marcus SixtaMediation is a great way to proceed in a family law case. We always canvass the possibility of mediation before going to court because mediation usually results in less acrimony after separation, it typically costs less than litigating a family law matte … Read more »

  • Grandparent Rights

    Author: Vancouver Family lawyer Matthew KatsionisGrandparents are often highly valued in any family. However, when a divorce or separation occurs, they can often be placed to the side while the parents argue and litigate. As that’s happening, the grandparents are left in the dark as to what their ri … Read more »

  • Alberta Family Law: Early Intervention Case Conference (EICC)

    Article written by: Calgary Family Lawyer Mat WiroveIn response to the increasing number of Alberta family law litigants who are self-represented, the shortage of judges in Alberta relative to the province’s population and the ever increasing delays until family law cases can be heard in court, the … Read more »

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