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  • Wife Gambled Away Company Assets: Husband Gets Money Back

    By Vancouver & Calgary Family Lawyer Marcus SixtaWe are proud to announce our latest family law success at the British Columbia Supreme Court.Our client was successful in proving that his wife had breached her fiduciary duty to the family business by gambling away nearly $700,000 during the marriage … Read more »

  • Vaccination of Children in Family Law Cases

    Author: Vancouver Family Lawyer Colin FergusonVaccination of children is a hot topic in British Columbia and around the world and this issue comes up in family law proceedings. In Canada, it is not mandatory for parents to have their children vaccinated. This is due to the protections of the Canadia … Read more »

  • Behind On Child Or Spousal Support? ICBC May Now Take Your Driver’s License.

    Child support and spousal support are often awarded in family law proceedings. However, it is common for these amounts not to be paid as ordered by the court after separation or divorce. In fact, it is has been reported that there is over $500 million owing in unpaid child support and spousal suppor … Read more »

  • Unbundled Legal Services an Underused Access-to-Justice Solution

    Unbundled legal services can fill the access-to-justice gap left by spiralling legal fees and dwindling legal aid funding, Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer Marcus Sixta tells“I believe there is this large market of people who are unable to access traditional legal services beca … Read more »

  • Is There a Legal Obligation to Report Child Abuse: Yes!

    Author: Vancouver Family Lawyer Colin FergusonIn British Columbia the abuse or neglect of children is dealt with under both the criminal law and by the Child Family and Community Services Act (the “CFCSA). The provincial government enacted the CFCSA to set out when a child needs protection, the lega … Read more »

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