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  • Sperm Donation Questions Answered by a Fertility Lawyer

    By Melissa Salfi, Vancouver fertility lawyer, collaborative family lawyerWhat is Donor Insemination?Donor insemination is a fertility procedure that involves transferring sperm obtained from a sperm donor into a woman’s reproductive tract at the time of ovulation by means other than sexual intercour … Read more »

  • Court of Appeal Agrees: Husband Found in Contempt and Pays $10,000 in costs

    Marcus Sixta, Calgary and Vancouver Family Lawyer, mediator, collaborative divorce lawyerAnother Court of Appeal win for Crossroads Law. Family lawyers Marcus Sixta and Amanda Marsden were successful in defending against an appeal of a $10,000 costs award paid to our client, the former wife in a div … Read more »

  • Judge orders vaccinations for two B.C. boys following parental dispute

    Colin Ferguson, Vancouver Family Lawyer with Crossroads Law was successful in the Provincial Court in Salmon Arm.A B.C. judge has ordered that a father be given permission to have his two young sons get routine vaccinations and other necessary medical and dental treatments that were challenged by th … Read more »

  • How to Deal With High Conflict Co-parenting

    By Amanda Marsden, Calgary Family LawyerGenerally, having a child with another person means that you are going to have a relationship with that person for the rest of your life. In some cases, this relationship can be difficult as it may be a high conflict parenting relationship. High conflict relat … Read more »

  • What do I need to do when I separate?

    By Amanda Marsden, Calgary family lawyerDeciding to separate from a spouse or partner is a difficult decision and one that people should not take lightly. Once the decision is made, our clients often do not know what to do next. The following are some things to consider if you have decided to separa … Read more »