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  • The Biggest Neglected Liability For Your BusinessOctober 27, 2018

    Written by Marcus M Sixta, BSW, JDFamily Lawyer, Accredited Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Lawyer What is the biggest potential liability for your business? When asked this question some people will list off things like competition, loss of market access, or theft of intellectual property. Rarely d … Read more »

  • Calgary Family Law 101: How to file your applicationOctober 24, 2018

    Written by Calgary Family Lawyer Mat WiroveGenerally, when going through a separation or divorce going to family law court should be your last resort.  However, some disagreements, for whatever reason, cannot be resolved without some intervention.  We believe that it is best to attempt family law me … Read more »

  • NEWS | Access to justice: New models for legal servicesOctober 23, 2018

    Written by Marcus M Sixta, BSW, JDFamily Lawyer, Accredited Mediator, Collaborative Divorce LawyerTo address the crisis in Legal Aid, more pro bono is only part of the solution. Lawyers need to start offering different types of legal services for self represented litigants.Legal representation is be … Read more »

  • Who gets the kids for the holidays?October 10, 2018

    Author: Calgary Family Lawyer Amanda MarsdenDeciding on a Holiday parenting schedule can be very difficult. The Holiday season can be especially difficult to navigate for newly divorced or separated couples. In a family law case, it is important to determine what your Holiday schedule is going to be … Read more »

  • Varying Child Support OrdersOctober 5, 2018

    Author: Calgary Family Lawyer Adrianna BanaszekVarying a child support order is a common application after separation and divorce which is often made to reduce the amount of child support being paid. What is required to bring an application to vary child support is a change in circumstances so that … Read more »