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  • The Test for Fresh Evidence on Appeal

    An appellate court will consider the following principles articulated by the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Palmer, [1980] 1 S.C.R. 759 at 775, when assessing whether to admit fresh evidence:(1) The evidence should generally not be admitted if, by due diligence, it could have been adduced at trial … Read more »

  • Discharges vs Convictions

    The following passages from Justice MacNaughton in Chu v. Canada (Attorney General), 2017 BCSC 630, beginning at para. 159, are helpful for appreciating the difference between a discharge and a punishment that includes a conviction:The effect of a discharge is that the offender is not convicted and, … Read more »

  • Conditional vs Absolute Discharges

    The following comments from Justice Boxall in R. v. Holder-Zirbser, [2018] ONCJ 59 are helpful in assessing whether a conditional or absolute discharge is appropriate:There is no specific test for when a conditional discharge should be preferred to an absolute one. However, the following framework m … Read more »

  • On Mentors

    Your mentors are not restricted to members of your profession.

    Nor are they restricted by geography or time. Their words and wisdom may influence you from a distant time and place.

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  • Pre-Imagination

    “It’s important to come prepared. Fortune favours the prepared mind.So what’s your preparation?Your storyboarding, your writing … your pre-imagining of the scene. Run that scene in your mind. Imagine what it can be.”James Cameron, James Cameron Teaches Filmmaking, Lesson 15, Masterclass, 2021.Pre-im … Read more »