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  • Don’t Hesitate to Ask for a Brief Recess Before Commencing Cross-Examination

    When the Crown’s direct examination of a significant witness for the prosecution is complete, Defence counsel should not hesitate to ask for a few minutes to meet with their client, if necessary, before commencing cross-examination.Even with full disclosure of the case for the prosecution in advance … Read more »

  • Examination-in-Chief at a Criminal Trial in Canada (Part Five): Exert Control Over Your Witness

    As the narrative unfolds during examination-in-chief, counsel must exert control over their witnesses to ensure that they stay within the realm of relevant, material, and admissible evidence. Such concerns are heightened in trials before a judge sitting with a jury.If your witness veers into problem … Read more »

  • Barriers to Persuasion: Demonization

    “We don’t gain a lot of mileage if we demonize people.”

    Dr. Vinay Prasad, Podcast, Honestly with Bari Weiss, September 22, 2021

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  • Oral advocacy: Video Analysis

    Video analysis is a useful tool to elevate your oral advocacy. The silent witness of a video recording allows us to see and hear ourselves at a distance. It reveals the limitations of our own perspective, including, for example, our tendency to underestimate the necessary projection of both our spee … Read more »

  • Oral advocacy: Sound Check

    Counsel have a tendency to underestimate how loud they need to speak during oral advocacy. What sounds thunderous to counsel may be the equivalent of a muted mumble to a judge sitting on an elevated platform behind a sheet of plexiglass.Calibrate your volume to the environment. … Read more »