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  • Trial Preparation: Sound Strategy at the Front End

    Tactics are great. Execution is essential.But a smart strategy is like having the wind at your back.…Seth Godin, “The Wind at Your Back”, blog, September 10, 2019At an early stage of a case, counsel should develop an overarching strategy that will serve as the foundation for all decision-making. Tim … Read more »

  • Prosecutorial Discretion in Canada (Part Three): Reviewable Only for Abuse of Process

    The exercise of prosecutorial discretion is not subject to routine judicial oversight. The deference accorded to the exercise of prosecutorial discretion finds its roots in the independent functions of the prosecution and the judiciary and the practical difficulties with regular judicial review. As … Read more »

  • A Successful Outcome is Not The End of the Road

    …In order to improve our performance, we need to model our preparation, our effort and our form against a standard, not base it on the outcome. Because outcomes aren’t necessarily guaranteed by our work.Just because you won doesn’t mean you did a good job (and vice versa). Seth Godin, “Confusing eff … Read more »

  • On Nefarious Liars: East of Eden (1952)

    John Steinbeck provides psychological insight into people who lie for nefarious purposes in the following passage from East of Eden, 1952:  Cathy’s lies were never innocent. Their purpose was to escape punishment, or work, or responsibility, and they were used for profit. Most liars are tripped up e … Read more »

  • On the Mutability of Memory: East of Eden (1952)

     The following passage from John Steinbeck in East of Eden, 1952, is a salient reminder of the mutability of memory:….No one outside the War Department knew the quality and duration of his service. His wooden leg was at once a certificate of proof of his soldiering and a guarantee that he wouldn’t e … Read more »