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  • The Power of a PolicyApril 26, 2017

    We are often asked to either create, update or, as investigators, apply a workplace policy by various organizations. An organization may be in need of a policy to satisfy a legal obligation – i.e. a piece of legislation requires it. Or it may be for strategic reasons – to set certain standards in th … Read more »

  • Departing employees gone rogueApril 25, 2017

    Sophisticated information technology systems are rapidly taking over the modern workplace.  With the advent of remote access, cloud-based storage, ghost imaging, and everything in between, employers are increasingly adapting to evolving technological trends to remain competitive in their respective … Read more »

  • Harassment on the Hill – Does Ottawa Have a Harassment Problem?April 24, 2017

    Chelsea Nash’s series in the Hill Times certainly seems to think so. While we have only seen two of the three parts of her series (part one can be found here and part two can be found here), what we have read so far has left many Ottawans wondering what is going on in our own backyard. The Hill Time … Read more »

  • Sometimes All You Have to Do is AskApril 3, 2017

    In February of this year, the federal government launched a survey open to all Canadians asking them about their opinions and experiences relating to harassment and sexual violence in the workplace. Participants were also encouraged to offer suggestions on how to improve workplaces in relation to th … Read more »

  • 150 WordsMarch 30, 2017

    The diversity of Canada’s population has become a modern-day catch phrase used by politicians from coast to coast. As employment lawyers, Canada’s diversity is much more than just that – it is a reality of the legal landscape that informs the very advice we give on a daily basis. In the words of Chi … Read more »