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  • Monday Links

    By Alan Kilpatrick Some interesting Saskatchewan legal news to help you ease into your week: Amendments to the Saskatchewan PPSA Bill 151 Have Been Passed Into Law / Lexology New Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network launched / Estevan Mercury Sask. Court of Appeal reserves decision on school fu … Read more »

  • Legislative Update

    The following regulations were published in The Saskatchewan Gazette, Part II, Vol. 115 No. 10, March 8, 2019: SR 10/2019 The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation Amendment Regulations, 2019. Read more »

  • New Ethics Ruling

    The Law Society’s Ethics Committee recently released the following Ethics Ruling as guidance for the profession. For your convenience, we’ve listed the ruling below but it can also be found in our Ethics Rulings Database. If you have any questions or concerns  regarding this post, please contact the … Read more »

  • What You Can Do With Your Folders on Lexbox 🗁

    By Alisa Lazear, Community Manager at CanLII and Lexum; reposted with permission from the CanLII blog Lexbox is a free tool that has been integrated into CanLII, which is designed to help you keep track of your legal research online. We are sharing this tip on what you can do with your Lexbox folder … Read more »

  • Leave Applications at the Supreme Court of Canada: Should Reasons be Provided?

    By Matthew Scott, JD Candidate (2020) Summary The Supreme Court of Canada exercises complete discretion in deciding which cases it does and does not hear. When dismissing applications for leave to appeal, the Supreme Court does not provide reasons. This lack of reasons is grounds for criticism of th … Read more »

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