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  • Discover the New Law Society Website – Quicklinks Overview

    As we mentioned in our post yesterday, three categories of Quicklinks have been added to the main page of the new Law Society website: Public, Lawyers & Students, and Resources and Support. We believe that these Quicklinks should eliminate approximately 80% of the site searches that occurred on the … Read more »

  • Law Society of Saskatchewan Discipline Update: Mervin Phillips

    A penalty decision has been released in relation to the matter of Law Society of Saskatchewan v Phillips. The following allegations were proven in an earlier phase of the hearing process: 1. did fail to be frank and candid with S.H. in relation to the anticipated costs of S.H.’s legal matter; 2. did … Read more »

  • Update on Law Society Initiatives – December 2018 Convocation

    By Barbra Bailey, Director of Policy Proactive Regulation of Law Firms  The environment in which a lawyer practises can play a significant role in determining professional conduct, yet the entities through which lawyers provide services have been largely unregulated.  To address this, The Legal Prof … Read more »

  • Discover the New Law Society Website – Overview of the Main Page

    The Law Society launched our new updated website on January 11. Thank you for your patience as we work out a few bugs and for your feedback on future improvements. Please continue to provide feedback to We will continue to provide updates as new improvements are implement … Read more »

  • NewLi: Legal Information for Saskatchewan’s Newcomers

    By Alan Kilpatrick The rate of newcomers and immigrants settling in Saskatchewan has skyrocketed in recent years.  The past decade saw more than 100,000 immigrants arrive in the province.  Over ten percent of Saskatchewan’s population, according to the 2016 census, are immigrants. Newcomers face a v … Read more »

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