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  • Work Permits for Vulnerable Workers

    Section 207.1 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (the “IRPR”) states that (modified for ease of reading): 207.1 (1) A work permit may be issued under section 200 to a foreign national in Canada if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the foreign national is experiencing or … Read more »

  • Self-Employed Class – What is Self Employment

    To be a member in the Self-Employed Class, an applicant must have a minimum of two years of experience in cultural activities, athletics, or the purchase and management of a farm (for applications received before March 10, 2018), during the period beginning five years before the date of application … Read more »

  • Administrative Deferrals of Removal

    Administrative deferrals of removal (“ADR“) are temporary measures when the Government of Canada determines that immediate action is needed to temporarily defer removals of foreign nationals to countries experiencing humanitarian crisis.  Once the situation in a country stabilizes the ADR is lifted … Read more »

  • Borderlines Podcast #29 – Immigration Detention and Habeas Corpus, with Molly Joeck and Erica Olmstead

    Molly Joeck and Erica Olmstead are lawyers with Edelmann & Co. They, along with Peter Edelmann, acted for the Canadian Council for Refugees as interveners before the Supreme Court of Canada in Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness) v. Chhina. In Chhina the issue before the Supreme Court w … Read more »

  • Borderlines Podcast #28 – Canada’s Caregiver Programs

    Natalie Drolet is the Executive Director / Staff Lawyer for the Migrant Workers Centre. We discuss the history of Canada’s caregiver programs, current issues and what the future looks like. 2:30 – What is a caregiver and how have Canada’s caregiver work permit and immigration programs traditionally … Read more »

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