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  • Inevitable Accidents

    What is an inevitable or unavoidable accident? An inevitable accident is one that was not intended, and which, under all the circumstances, could not have been foreseen or prevented by the exercise of reasonable precautions. It is a defence to a claim for negligence. For example, is an accident ‘ine … Read more »

  • Sabrina’s Law

    When I went to elementary school in the 1970’s and 1980’s, my lunch box would often have a peanut butter sandwich in it. Times have changed. Public awareness of the danger of serious allergies has grown. Today, parents are much more careful about what goes in their kids’ lunches. There is good reaso … Read more »

  • The New Litigators Guide: Your First Witness Preparation Meeting

    Witnesses are what make litigation exciting (and a little terrifying). There are two instances in civil litigation where we typically prepare witnesses; our client before their discovery, and our witnesses before trial. Hopefully you have a discovery before you have a trial, so let’s focus on that. … Read more »

  • Things To Know Before You Tow

    Whether you are towing your RV, boat, camper, ATV or just a load of trash to the dump, safety on the road should always be top of mind. Your towed cargo can quickly become hazardous if basic safety precautions are not taken. The first consideration should be your vehicle. Is it capable of towing the … Read more »

  • The Oatley Vigmond PAR-tners

    Putt-ing the PAR in Partnership The post The Oatley Vigmond PAR-tners appeared first on Oatley Vigmond. … Read more »