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  • Sledding Safety: Don’t Let Your Kids Sled Without A Helmet

    In the 1970’s and 1980’s ski resorts were full of young helmetless skiers. Few kids used helmets while cycling. Public awareness of the serious risk of head injury for skiers and cyclists has resulted in positive change. Nowadays almost all kids wear helmets while skiing and helmet use for child cyc … Read more »

  • Collateral Benefits: An Update and Refresher

    The following article provides an update to a 2013 post published on, “Collateral Benefits – What Is Deductible, What Isn’t?”. Please click here to access it. COLLATERAL BENEFITS: AN UPDATE AND REFRESHER Protected Defendants in a motor vehicle action are entitled to deduct, from a … Read more »

  • Unintentional Auto Insurance Fraud – How It Happens, How To Prevent It

    Buying car insurance is not fun, nor is it remotely rewarding in any way. Most of us require some gentle arm twisting from the Ministry of Transportation to do it (you can’t get your vehicle registered without it). Typically, car insurance gets arranged, payment is set up, and it is then promptly fo … Read more »

  • Municipal Liability for Sidewalks

    Most of the time, the sidewalk in your neighbourhood is probably a safe and convenient place to go for a stroll.  However, sometimes sidewalks can shift, crack, deteriorate, and in the winter season become covered in ice or snow, as we saw recently with this early blast of poor weather conditions.  … Read more »

  • The New Litigators Guide: Your First Mediation Brief

    Another common task for young associates is to draft a mediation brief. There is no one correct way, and every lawyer you work for will probably have his or her own style that you should be aware of. Here are some things to keep in mind that most lawyers would agree on. Be Brief Even lawyers and med … Read more »