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  • R. v. Ramelson 2022 SCC 44 – Case Summary

    The Supreme Court of Canada considers entrapment in an online undercover police investigation targeting child predators.  WhoPolice conduct an online investigation codenamed “Project Raphael” between 2014-2017. 104 men are arrested for child luring and related offences.The investigation uses ads pos … Read more »

  • R. v. Nahanee 2022 SCC 37 – Case Summary

    The Supreme Court of Canada revisits R. v. Anthony-Cook, in the context of non-joint recommendation sentencings. Is a sentencing judge required to tell counsel if they are going beyond the range proposed?WhoNahanee is charged with sexually assaulting two of his nieces, both minors at the time. After … Read more »

  • R. v. Tessier 2022 SCC 35 – Case Summary

    The Supreme Court of Canada considers the common-law confessions rule/voluntariness in the absence of police caution, in the context of persons not yet suspected of an offence.WhoIn March 2007, police locate a deceased victim in a ditch near a rural Albertan town, later established to have been kill … Read more »

  • Manitoba King's Bench Forms (Fillable)

    Designation of CounselPDFWord (.DOCX)Pre-Trial Conference BriefSubpoenaTrial Readiness Report … Read more »

  • R. v. Schneider 2022 SCC 34 – Case Summary

    The Supreme Court of Canada revisits the party admission exception to the general rule against hearsay evidence.WhoThe victim, a female Japanese student, is reported missing on September 12, 2016. Police release a photo of the victim and an unknown male, and ask for the public’s assistance in identi … Read more »