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  • What Happens If You Don’t Pay Child Support?

    A common and often asked question about child support is, what if you don’t pay child support? What happens if I don’t pay child support? What if your ex-partner or spouse is a “deadbeat” parent and just isn’t making their child support payments?. Child support payments in Ontario are enforced throu … Read more »

  • How long does Spousal Support Last in Ontario?

    One of the most common questions regarding spousal support, is what is the duration of spousal support, when does the support requirement end? Similar to a child support requirement, the answer is, it really depends on the case. In some instances, spousal support will end earlier while in other case … Read more »

  • How to Apply for Legal Aid Ontario

    Legal aid is a government program that helps people with low income receive legal representation and advice. Although publicly funded, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) is an independent, non-profit corporation providing legal aid services in Ontario. Legal aid is only available to individuals with certain ty … Read more »

  • Court Awards Nussbaum Law Client Full Custody Of Children, and Imputes American Father’s Income to $335,000.

    Our firm was retained by the Applicant/Mother, in the case of Saeed v Khalid, 2020 ONSC 939. The parties married in 2010 in Toronto and separated in 2016. The separation was unusual – the Applicant/Mother was unable to return to the United States due to immigration issues pertaining to her U.S. perm … Read more »

  • What are the Requirements for Common Law Marriage?

    The number of Canadians entering into common law relationships is increasing now more than it ever has. As such, there is a greater need for the general public to understand what a common law relationship in Ontario is and what it encompasses. For example, what is the legal definition of a common la … Read more »