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  • The Back to Class Act (York University): A Quick SummaryJuly 18, 2018

    July 18 2018 Earlier this week, the new Conservative government in Ontario introduced Bill 2, Urgent Priorities Act, 2018.   Schedule 3 of Bill 2 is the York Back to Work legislation that will end the strike which is now more than 100 days old and the longest post-secondary strike in Canadian histor … Read more »

  • What Might the Doug Ford Conservatives Do to Labour Law?June 12, 2018

    June 12 2018 Is labour law armageddon on the horizon in Ontario? The big win by Doug Ford and the Conservatives last week has raised concerns that Ontario’s labour law Photo: CBC model will soon come under attack.   This concern arises not so much from anything Doug Ford has said, and not because of … Read more »

  • An “Epic” American Labor Law Case Through a Canadian LensMay 30, 2018

    May 29 2018 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week in an important decision that mandatory arbitration clauses inserted by employers into employment contracts block employees from joining a class action lawsuit against the employer for wage theft or other violations of labor standards.  The case is … Read more »

  • Liberals Introduce Back to Work Legislation to End York StrikeMay 7, 2018

    May 7 2018 The Liberals finally delivered York University what it wanted all along: interest arbitration.  It took two months from the commencement of a bitter strike.  Here is a Toronto Star story describing the move by the Liberals, end the NDP’s refusal to vote for the legislation. Here is the Bi … Read more »

  • Special Investigator Kaplan Recommends Interest Arbitration, Criticizes CUPE’s Bargaining StrategyMay 7, 2018

    The special Industrial Inquiry Commissioner, William Kaplan, has issued his final report.  For reasons that are not clear to me, the government does not appear to release these Industrial Inquiry reports to the public.  However in this case, both York University and CUPE published the report. Here i … Read more »