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  • DURBAN DIARIES #4 – 3,000 Social housing units in 3 years

    By Thursday, the series of PowerPoint presentations from Durban’s municipal officials were over and it was time to find some way to actually help. We began Thursday by pulling aside key players to discuss that most powerful of brainstorming questions:  What’s holding you back? An hour of discussion … Read more »

  • DURBAN DIARIES #3 – Hospitality, South African style

    Before I conclude these blogs and share our final recommendations – let me tell you the best thing about being in Durban: the people. Second place: food. We have been spending the week working with committed, passionate, smart people. They are genuinely warm. By Thursday, formal « good mornings » ha … Read more »

  • DURBAN DIARIES #2: Using housing to heal racial divides

    “The Most Livable City in Africa by 2030”—that’s eThekwini (Durban)’s tag line. If that is not audacious enough, municipal officials are using social housing as a catalyst for redevelopment in the Inner City as a big part of the plan to get there. But eThekwini’s challenges are not like any other pl … Read more »

  • DURBAN DIARIES on Affordable Housing – #1

    Affordable housing expert John Fox, of Toronto law firm Robins Appleby, is among the Canadians who have been asked by Durban, South Africa, to lend their expertise to the regeneration of their Inner City. Durban, South Africa, is getting ready for massive inner core growth Durban (known here by its … Read more »

  • RBC CEO says housing market is ‘well-balanced.’ That’s only half the story.

    On  July 25th , RBC CEO Dave McKay said that housing in Canada is in “well-balanced territory,” as quoted by Bloomberg. It’s a really discordant thing to say on two fronts. The first is that for a great many Canadians, the housing market does not feel balanced at all. Globe readers learned from Jenn … Read more »