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  • Development charges to be determined at time of first application: Bill 108 moves ahead in Ontario

    Toronto has been seeking to delay the implementation of a number of changes affecting the calculation and payment of development charges that is coming into effect January 1, 2020, under Bill 108.  Last Wednesday, December 18, 2019, City Council passed a resolution specifically requesting the Provin … Read more »

  • Costs for Affordable Housing, Transit to be Shared by all Torontonians

    There have been 2 major municipal initiatives announced by Mayor Tory over the last few weeks which are intended to address the pressing needs of affordable housing, infrastructure upgrades, and transit expansion.    The first relates to an increase in the existing City Building Fund which would ris … Read more »

  • Ontario's Auditor General Misses the Boat on Tarion

    Published in The Lawyer’s Daily  Ontario’s Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, after extensive review of the existing structure and inner workings of Tarion Warranty Corporation, issued a report ( ) on Halloween with 32 recommendations for major changes to the Corporation, in … Read more »

  • Moving ahead with Sidewalk Labs

    “Waterfront Toronto yesterday had its Board of Directors approve the original 12 acre Sidewalk Labs proposal with substantial improvements to the plan favourable to the city, Waterfront Toronto and the community.  Overall, exciting new ideas and private money to jumpstart development in the slow-mov … Read more »

  • DURBAN DIARIES #4 – 3,000 Social housing units in 3 years

    By Thursday, the series of PowerPoint presentations from Durban’s municipal officials were over and it was time to find some way to actually help. We began Thursday by pulling aside key players to discuss that most powerful of brainstorming questions:  What’s holding you back? An hour of discussion … Read more »